Question asked 2 years ago
What life lesson did you learn the hard way?

Well over the past few years there are few things that I was able to learn but at this moment of the time I do really want to share this particular one.

"You are not that Smart, that you Think of yourself"

Well this might sound awkward but it is the truth for most of the person. At some point in our life when we really want to grow in our life we realize that there are much more important things that are yet to be unveiled in front of us and just by being the person (Self obsessed) will not really make your grow in your life rather it will stop you from learning and evolving in your life. That is not what you want and the sooner you get to realize that the sooner you will be able to make good use of yourself. 

We are human beings we have our own shortcomings, you will not fall apart from accepting those but you can grow a lot stronger by working on those and make yourself a better person than you already are.