Question asked 2 years ago
What is the best way of avoiding arguments in marriage?

It's very difficult to avoid argument in marriage because you and you partner must always have different views or different opinions regarding certain issues. It's such differences in opinions that usually leads to argument. Argument would arise because both of you won't necessarily agree on everything, it is how the argument is handled that is important.

Arguments linger in relationship most times because both partners are not listening to what the other partner is saying, they just want to have their way. Try to handle arguments in a diplomatic manner and don't approach it like a competition that you have to win. Whenever there's a disagreement, try to listen to what you partner is saying and hope ge/she listens to yours and both of you should come to a compromise

Anything done in marriage should be for the good of the marriage. Both of you should learn to take decisions that will draw both of you closer together and make your marriage stronger. No trophy is given to winner of argument in a marriage, so always ensure that whatever decision you and your partner decides on during an argument will be for the best interest of you both and your marriage