Question asked 3 years ago
Steem prices get worse at $ 0.58 and what you will do is hold or buy on the coin market?

The whole crypto market is taking a beating by the powers that shouldn't be.  Institutional money is about to start rushing in. Wall Street, Fidelity and other such major players need to buy billions of USD worth of Crypto so they are deliberately beating the price down to scare "investors" into FUD and selling their coins.

That would be the single worst thing one could possibly do because, when the bear is over. The prices are so beaten down they can't go any lower. They will buy back in billions, if not trillions of USD worth of crypto which will consequently produce the next hype period. 

Massive price increases across the board.  

The next bull run is going to be insane because these institutions have incredible amounts of money which they are willing to invest in crypto because they see the potential and want their share of the pie. Thus, beeing the hustlers they are, by manipulation they want to reduce the price to a bare minimum before they will start investing.

THey are the stockjockey sharks, wolves, sneaks who have immense power to move markets and they are currently displaying it in a negative fashion. 

But when they come in and start pouring in money they will open the floodgates to one of the biggest bull runs we have ever seen.

To conclude

Selling STEEM or any other coin when it's in the red and taking such a beating is the worst thing one could do. HODL and buy more.  If you believe in STEEM, buy more with fiat as its on a huge discount right now and power up.  

THat's what I've been doing with the little money I have. Tbh, if I had any amoutn of money right now I would sell it for Steem. 

I know where it is heading! 

DISCLAIMER: This is in no way financial advice. Just my oppinion based on observations gathered from beeing on Steem for more than 17 months and in the cryptospace for two years.  

This is my   journey which I have been very successful on  so, I'm sharing my best conclusions with you to empower you on your journey!