Question asked 2 years ago
What do you do when Bitcoin price crashes?

Just hope for the best we believe crypto is our future . I don't care BTC price down fall i believe is rise in June and crypto become future currency . 

More important thing  is Now it is time to purchase crypto as much as you can if you buy this time its mean you earn more in future . 

If we Saw the Past experience when people thing crypto is bubble but when its boost they all going to start buy .

I believe because lot of money invest in crypto by big whales and its billion dollars. So its also control by big whale .Its need investment . Now due to its downfall lot of people start buying crypto and in June its rates going rise .

Steemit is good plate form where you just need to create content and earn crytpo so its doesn't matter price rise and down . Because people earn though writing . Its put impect if downfall came but its not much because people not invest own money.

But game will change sudden when big whale start investing and BTC again reach to moon.