I have a number of plans with me awaiting to be executed. I would like to share some of them with you. Here it goes.....

  1. Will for sure buy as much steem as I can and accumulate them in the form of steem power.
  2. HODL. .. To be frank, I never bothered about searching for the meaning of this weird word until today. Yes.. holding digital assets as long as you can is the only success mantra! I will surely opt for that!
  3. Engaging with the steem community all over the world. This way I can support good content creators and developers as much as I can and can expect a fair share in return. This in turn will help me gather contacts all around the world. No wonder it is a big boon for me as a person coming from a still developing nation!
  4. Of course will play accordingly and sell these cryptos at the proper time. The moment I see the price of steem rising and stabilizing, I for sure will sell some of my earnings and enjoy the profit. Then what else I'm doing all these things for?
  5. After cashing them out if I find them to be a lump some I will start my own business in the real world.
  6. I will invest on steem over and over again to make me a dolphin, Orca and finally a big whale!
  7. I will start the branches of my business all over the world and eventually one day will appear in the cover page of Forbes magazine!
  8. Finally will give TED talks, UN speeches and BBC interviews on world politics!

These are some humble dreams I see nowadays. In reality, I'm waiting for the salary of this month to get in my hands and convert a big majority of it into steem!

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