Question asked 3 years ago
What can i do with parents that are over protective?

I have had parents who were very protective but do not be disheartened because they are trying to make sure that you are protected at all times. Think about being born as a girl in India. It is not at all a cake walk. 

Far from being given complete freedom, it is like you do not even have an opinion of your own and most probably never will even if you grow up but things are changing nowadays. 

Coming back to your question, you can do many things to earn the trust of your parents and that is 

  • convince them that you can handle money responsibly. - write down your daily expenses and show it to them. Then they will be pleased to know that you are recording every single expense and that you are responsible. 
  • make sure that you bring your friends home and let your parents know the kind of friends you hang out with. Be sure however that they are good friends and not ones who try to spoil your future.
  • have straight talks with your parents - this will make them closer to you and your thoughts. no parents ever wants to feel left out and that is why they are showing their over protective nature. It is hard to let go of the child after looking after for so many years. The parents feel that the child is slipping from their grasp and that is what leads to tense situations at home.
  • show affection toward your parents, they deserve all the love for the amount of sacrifice they have made. It does not cost to hug or even smile. 
  • convince your parents that you would love to live life with a little more freedom but assure them that you will return home even if you leave. 

All the best for your future. God bless.