Question asked 2 years ago
What is the best way of avoiding arguments in marriage?

Argument are inevitable in marriages but then there are possible ways one can avoid them and live like there is never disagreement between them. Argument is only accomplished when two people are involved, if one person is angry and pouring out offensive words and the other person is silent, this can't be judge as an argument. So the best ways to avoid argument is:

1.Being silent: you can choose to say nothing when you realize the other person is angry. Because the more you respond to the persons bitter words ,the more the anger is kindled and the argument keeps going through.

2.Say Sorry : people might be hard to many things but the word "sorry" has an ability to heal broken heart. If you realized your partner is angry, sincerely say "sorry" . This doesn't make you a servant or take away your place in the marriage, it could only show you are mature enough to handle matters

3.Calmly try to make your partner understand your view: most times people are tend to see things from their view even when they are wrong, and hardly do people understand your intentions until it's spilled out. So when ever an argument arise , calmly try to make your partner understand your view to why you have done what you did.

I believe these steps can go a long way to solve issues and avoid argument. Saying that simple "Sorry" and "being silent" is a great tool one can use.