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What is your purpose in life?

GOOD question...

Every person have some purposee for their life.Because we can see every person have aim for do something in life.And we all know its not so easy.In my life I have some purpose.

* First purpose in my life my mom dads happiness. For my mom dad happiness I will do everything whatever will be better. Because theyey are so important in my life.That's my life first purpose to see happiness in my mom dad happiness.

* Second I will say about study. Its so important topic in every person life.Because study decide many things in peoples life. Its give one people one good life.It can give so many things in someones life.It can give knowledge. That's why my second purpose my study.Because it will give me real knowledge. That's so important for life.

* Also my last purpose to do something in life everyy person should do ssomething in their life.I want to do also.I want e know also me to seeing y name. Thats so most important ourpose also for my life.

Thanks for your question. .

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