Question asked 2 years ago
What is the best way of avoiding arguments in marriage?

Arguing is part of your marriage , if you dont argue meaning you dont care to each others opinion. Arguements is common on a relationship coz you are two different people that will be used to each others company.

Best way to avoid arguements, Just always say sorry and explain your side in a peaceful way. Lower your pride and always understand your partner. If your angry and you know that it will go to non-sense arguements just be silent and make your mood pass. coz no one ever wins with arguements , coz you will just tell all the worst your partner ever do. all his error will be brougt up again and will be the subject then after that you will never notice that you are hurting each others feeling.

Always make your partner happy, treat her for a dinner , watch movies. Learn to listen when she is telling some stories that make her day ugly. Do things together. Never make him/her feel that he/she is not worthy of your time. 

If you love your partner just learn to say sorry , understand his/her feelings. learn to talk to him/her in a nice way that you can bring the things that you want to change or clarify to your partner. Always remember the reason why you choose to be with that person And never let the hatred conquer you. 

The reason is you Love him/her.