Question asked 3 years ago
How feasible is it for a person to start a business without money?

If you look at what you have done here, Ask a question and get rewarded for it. You have already started a Business. You started a Question business where you ask questions and people may answer.

To ask the question did not cost you anything. Anything you make from asking questions then becomes profit and Income. Te key question is how much does the business have to return to you before it becomes viable for you to continue. 

Many business work at a loss for the initial stage relying on growth and expansion of their client base to provide the profit later on. In the case of using Musing or another social platform that will return some dividends to you. there is no outlay cost directly. And a stake to establish a secondary business becomes available.

The key to success in a business is what you do with the income the business generates. If there is no generation of income from the business it is time to move on and try another, Time frames and expectation of how you proceed and increase those earning are also a good idea to have planned.

It is very possible to begin a business with 0 capital and the business succeed possibly even exceed expectations first thought of. Ultimately, it will come down to you. How much time effort you put into the business, If you are searching for a business which can generate finance without much effort, That is a dream and that only comes after you have built up the business to an extent where it can support itself.