Question asked 3 years ago
Will you have relatives stay in your house or you'd prefer they only come around to visit?

All of my relatives are welcome in my home. Should they ever need a place to stay. They are welcome to stay here. Whatever the reason. 

Being able to assist them should they need is a good thing, It can be a dayum inconvenience that we have to work around for both them and myself. If a person has also travelled to see me a distance. I would invite them to stay. If they travelled from abroad they would be invited to stay for the time of their visit, Saving them the cost of a hotel. 

This is just the person I am, I have the same ones I would invite to stay like you to leave by 8PM sometimes earlier. We are all different for many reasons.

The only time I don't like it is when a cranky baby or kid is there. Though to the majority of the time, even the kids are respectful when here. Sometimes a bit cheeky other than that This is a family home and all family is welcome here.