Question asked 3 years ago
What lessons has life taught you ?

1. Life has taught me to be resilient in pursuing vision and passion. 

While starting off my business in 2012, there were many opposing forces right from home (parents) and others. However, what kept me during those trying and incubating times was that I was pursuing vision and I was passionate about it. 

Seven years later (today), the seemingly small outfit has grown to be a renown  institution for research. I was resilient in my pursuit. The financing wad difficult, To break-even was harder because the starting funds were quite small compared to the complexity of the project.

The start of a thing may be difficult, if we faint not on the dream we pursue, we shall surely get ashore.

2. Life has taught me patience

Patience has been  a virtue I never had. With this, it was difficult to relate with people successfully. I needed my things when I needed them without recourse to the after effect, but later, I discovered how much I lost  due to impatiently taking decisions and today I can tell others that patience is "gold".

Sometimes, we just need to let a matter be and give ourselves more time to ponder and decide on what to do. Hasty decisions may be regretted.

3. Life has taught me to be a Giver

I am a personal testimony of how giving can open up doors of the future for a man.  My dad in his little efforts tried to help people - accommodation, school fees, etc. They were actually small. Growing up, I met my parents dried (financially), yet, our needs were all met. People met our needs  to our surprises. Indeed, gifts are seeds. We'll reap in due time.