Question asked 3 years ago
With the rise of video streaming, do you think time will come when theaters or cinema would be replaced by streaming platforms?

Nope theaters and cinemas are irreplaceable. The contents that are provided by online streaming apps or platforms are richer and they tends to make more contents season by season. These sources are new to the entertainment sector and it is growing like a fire as the shows that are being provided is no more like the tradition that we follow or we see, the change in flavor is what is being appreciated by audience. But theater is more than just a source or a platform. 

Streaming services are adding more possibilities to the entertainment sector where the idea is appreciated along with the investment. Traditionally we see that a particular studio is producing a lot of show and it seems that the shows are influenced by the same ideology. With streaming services more content makers are originating and more dynamic and different ideas are being produced. 

Streaming services are bridging the gap between entertainment and audience. And the magic of cinema will never come to end.

Happy new year!