Question asked 2 years ago
How was your first month on steemit like? What did you earn on your first post?

It was pretty awesome even though I did not make any penny on my posts lol. But I liked the community from the beginning and in the first month I think I learned a lot about how Steemit works. 

For someone new it can be a pretty hard system to understand. I was looking at my wallet and saw SBD, STEEM and Steem Power and I had no idea what any of that meant. But that's what made it fun to be fair. The fact that you learned something new each day. I was also watching the trending section and I was in awe at how much people were earning there. It was a proof that someone is making money here and that was enough motivation for me to keep going.

Also, after about 2 weeks of posting and not earning anything I realized that as someone new with no followers, an awesome way of earning money is by commenting on other peoples posts, especially the ones with high Steem Power. More often than not, as long as you left a thoughtful reply you were rewarded with an upvote.

So, to sum it up, my first month was pretty awesome. Learned a ton of new things, made a few followers and also got a 1$ upvote on a comment that I made. My first upvote that was worth something. I was so happy that day it was like I won the lottery lol.