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What Are The Core Beliefs of The Jehovah's Witnesses : How Are They Different From Other Mainstream Christian Sects?

Jehovah witness started in america in the 1870s by some christain followers of Charles taze Russell.

One of the core beliefs of Jehovah's witnesses is that they don't believe in Trinity,they don't believe that Jesus is God.

Jehovah witness have so many doctrines and belief that are far different from other denominations in the body of Christ.

Jehovah witness don't believe in hell fire as most christain do.

Another thing about Jehovah witness is that they don't believe in miracles that is the supernatural,they believe it ended in the days of the apostles in the Bible.

They don't believe in speaking in tongues, visions, prophecies or any form of manifestations of the spirit..

Jehovah witnesses don't believe in going to heaven as most christain do, they believe that when someone dies,the person spirit stays in the grave till the return of Jesus, while other christain believe that when someone dies it's spirit goes to heaven to be with the Lord until the return of Christ.

There are so many things they differ from other christain denominations.

One notable thing about them also is that they don't celebrate Christmas like other believers and also birthday celebration, they are strongly against such practices.

Jehovah witnesses talk more about paradise than preach about the gospel of Christ,they give emphasis on Jehovah than they talk about Jesus Christ and his finished works.

There are so many things not listed here that they are different from other christain but to butress but a few.