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What are the other sites one can earn from home apart from steemit?

I like to do cryptocurrency bounty hunting on Bounty0x. You can earn altcoins by doing certain tasks. Some bounties like the article writing or video making bounties require some work and time but they pay usually a lot if you can produce high quality. 

It's not that hard to earn >2000 dollar worth of tokens every month when you have the right skills. You can try it out for free here:  https://beta.bounty0x.io/register?referral=effb68 

My tips are: only do the bounties that pay a lot and be selective what bounty host you work for. A lot of ico's wont make it because they are not innovative enough. 


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A good one that ConsenSys put out recently:

“You Can Make Money on These 12 Live Ethereum Dapps Today — Here’s How…”



Try smoke and whaleshares

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You are on one of them right now, Musing. Besides this one there are several others out that that have started giving out steem rewards based on activity. My favorite is @steemhunt, which is about people finding new and cool products on the market. You can also join communities like actifit which awards you for daily physical activity. Then there are also communities like steem monsters which awards you for playing games with the monster cards. Lots of different platforms in the works as well. 


I can suggest two other platforms that pay on crypto tokens SCR and ETH.


If you are a sports fan and have the ability to write blogs with your analysis, review and predictions then you can join scorum.com. The platform is for sports bloggers. In addition to that the platform also provides commission free betting system called Betscorum.  You can ear SCR tokens using the blogging platform and can use the same tokens to bet. All the earnings can be used to power up your scorum powers.



If you are into instagram, reddit, and twitter then you can use Cent. This platform is a hybrid of all three social media sites. The site pays you on Ethereum, and some of the members are earning as much as 300USD in a month. Average users can earn from 20-100 USD based on the time invested and quality of contents posted.


There are many other steemit like forks such as weku, whaleshares, bearshares. The tokens provided in those platforms are not yet listed, as far as I know.


Aside from posting in Steemit and on dapps, you can try some of those freelancing sites.

Some that I know are upwork and fiverr. Botj sites are free to sign up/use. The earnings there would depends on what and how much work you can do, and if you will successfully find some clients there.

You can also try some of those micro work sites just like microworkers.com.


A quick search returned these sites. Good luck!






*Edit: I read your question as outside of the the steem blockchain completely


You can choose to join any freelancing site which interests you. 

Any affiliate marketing site, CPA, article writing, data entry, graphic designing and there are thousand other categories. Just search for it. 

And if you are looking for steemit like platform then have a look on weku, whaleshrae etc for more info. 

I hope it helps!  


You can earn on www.scorum.com if you are a sports lover.

You can earn on www.whaleshares.io just like on steemit.

You can earn on KARMA APP, A Dapp on EOS 


Believe it or not, because to begin with, i couldnt believe it my self. Its ZWERL. At first glance mostly all of the comments and review about it saying its a bogus app.

Youll get banned without explaination. Other are saying payments keeps getting delayed and ends up banning youre account. Basing on negative reviews, i prepared myself before installing the app that this could happen to me too. So i joined, first step i did was read the terms and condition and specially understand the FAQ portion and why accounts get banned.

Before joining my 1st chat i already know what to avoid. A month has pass and its payday. I got a notification saying im chat transcript are reviewed due to poor quality. I was shocked. You know why? It was unacceptable for me, suspended for poor quality? To think, all of my answers or reply for the whole month are my answers and strictly no copy paste, i was getting scrutinize due to the reason which in the first place what im avoiding and giving all "human" answer.

While my account was being reviewed, i stopped participating or using ZWERL. Thinking whats the point of continuing if there is a big chance ill get banned. Also it was a damage control also for my "low quality"  answers. To be honest my earnings too for that month looks suspicious, it was way more more than the average earnings. Im proud to say also not a single bit i defy the rules and regulation of the app. It was pure hardwork, being online and most of all i have knowledge and experience for most questions.

More than 2 months has passed, i got this email this morning (screenshot attached)

It was my ZWERL earnings! Yes thats right it finally got to my bank account. 

I have blacked out the company name, and the amount because i havent read the rules. I mean im just being careful like they may have added new rules or about posting about them.

Better safe than sorry.

I would love to give my referral link here, but before one of the rules are to invite users privately, through email or DM, anything as long as its not public post. Im not sure if it has been changed or not. In my own opinion, the referral bonus of $1 is nothing compared to what you are about to earn.

For new registrations, the QUEUE might be a big wall that you need to break first, because you need to get out of the queue before you can earn. 

Simple tip if you decided to try, making multi accounts can be really tempting, you can try but i would say you will be banned. 

Whew have i said too much? Haha thanks for reading.

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