Do you have tattoos? If so, do you have tips / things not to do for someone who wants to have one ?

To do:

Watch the tattooist's book to see his work
Follow or at least take into account the tattoo artist's recommendations on size, location, details, etc ...
Once the work is done, follow the tattoo artist's instructions carefully regarding the care of a fresh tattoo.

Not to do:

Haggle. If the price does not suit you, try the competition.
Drink alcohol before, during, or after the tattoo.
Giggling, squirming, screaming, complaining. Clench your teeth and wait for it to pass, it probably will not be the worst pain of your life.
Assume that the tattoo artist will start or finish on time. The lack of punctuality is a chronic disease of tattoo artists.
Go to the beach, the pool, or the sun in the weeks following the tattoo.


If you are happy with your tattoo, let it know.
As at Musing, BNBR stands up to the tattoo artist, his workplace, his colleagues and clients.
In most cases, avoid visible and non-concealable tattoos on the face, neck, hands, etc.
Avoid the names of your girlfriend or boyfriend, the signs of infinity, the portraits of your kids or your dogs.
Do not overeat!


i have always wanted a tattoo my self but always been confused on what type of tattoo i want.. A friend of mine, who is also a tattoo lover then advised me  that it is a life time commitment and therefore should be very careful with that type of tattoo i want and where i want the tattoo to be . he advised me that its best to have a tattoo  that is meaningful to me so that it can be something i will treasure all my life.   i asked him what's the meaning behind his personal tattoos and he shared with me his personal inspirations .                                                                                       
True to his word, i found my self asking people with tattoos on what their inspiration is and almost all of them usually have beautiful meanings/ inspirations behind their choices of tattoo art.  and to come think about it, i assume its a lot of pain to have a tattoo done, and you are altering your body with a permanent drawing, therefore it only makes sense that its something meaningful to you.