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What is the biggest trap that a person can fall into in life?

The biggest trap that one can fall into in life is marrying someone who does nor truly love you. This can ruin ones life as it is also the biggest mistake one can ever make.

It is better for someone to stay single than to get married to someone who does not love you.

Most women fall into the trap and are unlucky that guys get married to them just because they know she is financially buoyant or her parents are financially stable.

Men also fall into the trap when they get married to a girl that who does not love him but marries him only because of his money.

In such cases, you find out that your partner might even involve in conspiring for your death because he or she does not love you.

Also, you can also come to the realization that your so-called partner has been using your funds to take care of a side-guy or side-chick outside. This can lead one to his or her early grave.

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Well one of the biggest traps in life I can name quite easily. The trap that people tend to think that they always have to meet the expectations of others and do everything to meet said expectations even if they think it is wrong and makes them unhappy.


I actually believe that the biggest trap that an individual could actually fall into in this life is "Mediocrity".....

Once individuals actually get very comfortable with their actual jobs, or relationships, and also actually fulfill their basic needs, a funny thing do actually happen–that is "people actually stop pushing themselves".....

People actually settle for less

People actually do not push their limits....

People actually do watch their life pass by....

the fact is that Happiness is not really about the accumulation of worldly things that usually end up in an actual landfill in two years....true Happiness is really about the constant goal-setting and also working hard to really achieve those specific goals.....It is about the actual feeling that often comes with a struggle, a progress and also then an achievement. And then actually moving on to the next thing....

You would really be totally stunned to actually figure out what you could really do with the actual time that you have really been given on this planet. Why really waste it on the stuff that just do not really matter?

Try and Talk to an individual in their 80s and their 90s.

What do most of them really care about? It is actually never about how really secure their job was or really about how stable their life actually was. ..They do care about the making of money by actually doing the right thing, by spending quality time with their loved ones and also creating a legacy that they actually believed it is meaningful. ..They actually do value integrity, they value respect, they value honesty and also compassion.....

What do they truly actually regret? they regret Playing it too safe.they regret not engaging in any new experiences. ..they regret Not really doing something that is crazy and ridiculous once in a while....they keep Wondering if they actually should have really gone down that lesser-traveled path or by not actually given up on that hobby....

Ensure that you Do not actually settle for average....

ensure that you actually Set a ridiculously high goal... when you Fail hard, make sure you dust yourself off. when you fail again,make sure you Dust yourself off..when you actually fail one more time,dust yourself off...ensure that you Reach that goal of yours.... never give up..keep trying....

Life is actually what you really make of it. So why should you settle for mediocrity?


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