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If steemit will be over than how musing will survive?

It is always better to rely upon own infrastructure than the infrastructure of anyone else, say for steemit here in this case. In December 2017, we saw how steemit laid off 70% of the staff owing to the low price of steem where it was not in a position to run the infrastructure and thereafter cost cutting measure were adopted. That was in fact a lesson for all other dApps on steem blockchain. If the dApps will rely on the infrastructure of steemit Inc then there will be fair chances of single point failure in adverse conditions. It is also obvious that there will be challenges at some point of time. So only those can survive who are self sufficient in terms of infrastructure and run their own private node.

The good part is that since December most of dApps have realized this issue and have started working on their own to remain self sufficient so that they can be resilient to adversaries. The most important point is that self sufficient dApps will also enhance the spirit of decentralization of steem community, that is essential for this community too.