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Why do we need to Introduce ourselves to the Steem Platform, is it really necessary?
I have been in steem for 10 Months, some don't even present themselves, so for what reason would we say we are doing it for reasons unknown

At the beginning I knew Steemit, I didn't really understand how to make a post about introducing your self that was interesting and catched much attentions, I just made it as simple and as good as possible.

In fact, in my opinion, this self-introduction has many benefits, if our initial intention is to build relationships and develop within this Steemit community.

It is undeniable indeed, there are some who choose to be anonymous, whatever their reasons, we must respect that, but not a few who write introductions in more detail and thorough.

The most important thing in my opinion is content and trust, and self-introduction is one way that must be used to gain the trust of others, unless you come up with something big and will change the world, but whatever it is, introducing yourself is better, because that will have an impact on our own personal branding.


It is absolutely necessary for a newbie to introduce himself/herself here on the steem platform. Even though it is not mandatory but we never can tell, we might just be lucky to make awesome friends who most times interact with us either because you both share the same niche, goal, tribe, ethnic group, country, continent, school, belief etc.

This friends you could make might turn out to be whales. Another advantage of making an introductory post is that you might get to meet with people who will guide you through on how to become a good blogger and profit from becoming a member of the platform.

One can also attract followers from making an introductory post.

Thank you for your question.