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What do you think about having multiple accounts on Steemit?

Multiple PLAGIARISM is not good

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Steem(it) works on ‘proof of brain’ concept which refers to the support of fellow users who can make one’s post profitable. It means users contribute here by writing quality posts and get likes or upvotes from the fellow users. Profit depends on the number of upvotes received and the value of the votes. ‘Proof of brain’ is a nice concept but cunning fellows know how to exploit this platform and maximize their profit. Quantum of upvote is everything here. To get the maximum benefit from this platform, many users devise innovative methods. Some people take help of bidbots while others vote on their own posts and comments. Many people sell their votes while some upvote to their friends’ posts only.

There are many users who own multiple accounts here. These accounts follow one main account and upvote the posts made by the main account or upvotes in a circle. However, it is not an easy thing to manage multiple accounts on Steemit unless one takes help of automatic tools like steemvoter, steemauto etc. There is no limit on opening of multiple accounts but if someone is having multiple accounts which upvotes spam for the sake of earning profit only, he/she may be punished by the community. Many such accounts have been filtered by @themarkymark, @steemcleaners etc. Their efforts have made it possible to deplete these accounts out of the SP delegation which they had received during fossbot account creation procedure. 

However, big players also use multiple accounts to maximize their profit. They are large SP holders who can destroy any account with their downvote. Hence, nobody dares to confront them. Unfortunately, these powerful people are the real beneficiary of this platform. Everyone is here to get the maximum benefit from his/her investment and contribution but it must not be an illegitimate gain for anybody. Hardworking but low SP holders suffer because of it. This is a big problem with this platform. 


An overwhelming majority of active, and inactive accounts are alts of someone on the blockchain. 

I personally manage 2 accounts, well, 3 if you count the one that belongs to my wife. 

It's not about the number of accounts, because that's really irrelevant, but how you manage those accounts.

If you create 10,000 accounts through steemit and use that 140,000 faucet delegated SP to farm votes, well... Fuck you. 

I will find you, and I will get that delegation removed.

If you manage 10 accounts and each one of them have a different, distinct and useful function, I love you.

Some people run flag trail bots, for example, and they will auto-flag stuff flagged by SteemFlagRewards. For example, @noblebot, or @rabbitbot. Which regularly do curation, and follow on flags on plagiarisms, spam and such.

I absolutely don't mind SP be put in use that way.

There are also multiple bid-bots, and such, that's kind of a grey area...

Although, I would much prefer that paid votes disappeared from the blockchain all together.

So yeah, it's how you use it that matters, not the number.


It depends on the use of those accounts.

Some people have their main account for their daily blogging / vlogging and also run one more which is mainly a "dapp" account. They use it for their actifit posts or steemhunt posts etc.

Now if those multiple accounts are used to milk the platform and spamming all over the place then I am totally against it