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WILL we ever run out of music tunes?
It appears as though the vast majority of the best tunes have been composed and new tunes (with new tunes) are getting less and less musical. Melodic tunes are nevertheless blends of pitch and rhythms, and not all mixes are resonant. Accordingly, WILL we at any point come up short on music tunes?


That said, most of the tunes we hear these days are spin off from old ones.

However, I believe we'll always have creative folks that would produce something new once in a while

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Not ever. Beyond the bad music that is being made today, there is still good music to listen to. Even though most of them are making music to sell, they don't say anything yet, thank God, there are artists working to make good music.

We will never run out of music! If not ask the birds what they are going to sing every morning at sunrise, but ask the mother who sleeps her child in her arms, ask the child what she will do when she makes a wheel and wants to play, but ask the air that goes through the window and makes music as it passes, or the sea that crashes with the stones and its melodious sound numbs the one who listens to it.

Music will never end! Because music is life and as long as there is a person alive and sensitive, there will be music.