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Does upvoting a question or answer in musing, decrease the Steem Power from your Steemit Profile?

As I read your question, I can sense you are new to Steemit. For a guide, your Steem Power will not decrease if you are going to upvote posts or comments in Musing, Steemit, or other dApps. Steem Power is vested Steem which influences the value of your upvote. What decreases when you are upvoting is your Voting Mana (formerly called Voting Power). Use your upvote wisely because once it goes down, it will take a lot of time to replenish back to 100% depending how much Votng Mana was consumed.


It will decrease you voting power, just the same as upvoting a post on Steemit will. Musing is on the Steem blockchain and thus a upvote on Musing is the same as on Steemit.

It WILL NOT decrease you Steem Power! Your Steem Power is locked into your account, and the only way to decrease it is to power down, or to delegate it to another account (and this is 'leased' and still owned by you, and can be recalled at any time)

First of all one should be aware of the terms Voting Power (VP), Vote Value (V V) and Steem Power (SP). Voting power and Steem power are different things.

Voting power determines the frequency of your daily upvoting. When your account is opened on Steemit, your voting power remains at 100%. Whenever, you upvote any post on any Steem based app, your Voting power decreases. However, your VP recharges 20% in every 24 hours. It means roughly you can upvote maximum 9 to 10 posts per day with your VP.

Vote Value depends on VP, SP and the price of Steem. If you are holding large SP, you can split your VP and upvote as many posts as your VP allows. This time 10000 SP gives you roughly Vote value of $0.95. It will increase if the price of Steem increases. Also, VV depends on VP. An upvote at 100% VP from an account holding 10k SP will be worth $0.95 and with 10% VP; it will remain one tenth i.e. $0.095.

Whenever you upvote a musing post or posts created with busy.org, Steemit.com, steepshopt.io, d.tube etc., your voting power decreases which recharges again. Upvoting never decreases Steem Power. In fact, upvoting increases SP because you receive curation reward for upvoting.
No they dont. Voting anything here will never decrease your Steem Power. But however upvoting will drain your "voting power".

Musing uses a steemit id named musing-threads to keep the answers and quetions here on that account as threads.. The questions here ar comments in those posts. And answers are replies to those comments.

So when you upvote something in musing you are upvoting those comments or replies. And upvoting anything in steemit is upvoting as usual which drains only your voting power. It is in no way whatsoever possible that upvoting will drain your steem power..

Hope this satisfies your query.
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Every time you upvote anything on Musing, Steemit, Busy, DSound or any other app able to use steem blockchain you loose voting power, not Steem Power.
Steem Power is the vests you have and you will never loose vest unless you power down, power down means you are converting vests in steem.
Let's say if your voting power is 100% and you make an upvote with 100% power you will loose 2% of your voting power and after voting your voting power will be 98%.
Each 24h your voting power regenerate 20%.
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Yes it will decrease your steem power because steem power will be increased and decreased based on your up votes as you up vote 100% to any one i guess 2% of steem power having 500 steem power account decreased almost. So i have tried this many times and yes this decrease your steem power.

Because blockchain is connected with each other of steem and musing so for sure it will decrease your steem power by your voting status whether you vote 100%.