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Love - Is there any meaning to love in real life and why is it so hard to find ?
We have gotten so far away from traditional love and what the meaning of true love is that most people don’t even know what they are looking for. True love isn’t jealous, it is self-sacrificing, it is healthy, it is not boastful, it never angers, it is giving when you don’t feel like giving, it takes time and the willingness and capability to make it through hardships, when you are ready, willing, and able as well as love yourself then you will attract the mate that also has those positive qualities.

Love - Is there a meaning in real life and why is it so hard to find?
Of course there is love in every breath we are still long.
Why I say that. Everything we do everyday needs love. But I want to discuss the love between two human beings who love. They say love is light, love is a gem, love is nur, love is haqiqi.

But in this life it is hard to find a sincere love from a heart of heart. It has become a plague in our lives, Love should make us happy happy and make our lives more colorful
Love is not hard to find its easy to get see i just give you a simple example of your love how to identify it there is a love between you and your parents which are with you just you didnot realize anytime .
Love can be inbetween you and your dog also just the matter is to feel .
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The true love story in real life like a love pair to love named Jamie and Will, they are just 3 months married and will be pregnant with their first child.

One day the couple will be bepergiaan, but on the way their car suffered a severe accident, the couple was badly injured, when the rescue team came, jamie asked that the rescuer to help his wife first, then himself, and will die at the scene, while Jamie who was immediately taken to the hospital, but upon reaching the jamie's psychiatric hospital could not be helped. Eventually both died with their baby candidate.

True love are hard to find, but believe God has set true love for every human being, it's just that we as human beings are asked to pray and try to make it happen.