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Why is Karma so slow to act?

Because there is no such thing as karma. Do you really think that someone will get magically punished by some invincible force? Fairy tales don't exist in real life.

It's only when you or other people act on someones bad behaviour that there are any consequences. But people not always care and governments have other priorities than fighting small "crimes" so often bad actions go unpunished. 


So the kick in the ass has time to wind up and hit all-the-harder. 😈

I think time is entirely subjective and a matter of perspective, just like right and wrong. I think a better question to ask is why do you feel that Karma is so slow to act? Usually impatience is based on our own expectations and if you have expectations that you are in some how "owed" something by the universe, then in time you will get the lesson that corresponds with that sense of entitlement and probably come to the same conclusion that many of us have.

Life isn't fair and our judgments are all subjective and far from perfect. We are not all seeing and all knowing and we can't determine what we or anyone else "deserves" in the grand scheme of things. We can feel that someone deserves to be punished and we can feel that we deserve something that we are not currently receiving, but that is a lesson in and of itself.

To find peace, we have to let go of the illusion that doing good things means good things happen to us and that doing bad things means bad things happen to us. Good and bad are entirely subjective and I wrote a post about that a few days ago if you need more explanation on why that is. To sum it up, just because you think something is good or bad, it's only your subjective opinion and based on your own beliefs. No one owes us anything and we owe no one anything. Simply embrace authenticity and have faith that the universe is going to sort itself out. Even if it doesn't, we have no control over that, only ourselves to some extent.
There is a natural fruition period for everything on Earth.

The time it takes for a palm tree to bear fruit may be much longer than that of a banana tree, but can we say it is slow?

If we try to hasten the harvest period of palm trees, we may even kill it.

This is exactly what happened during the famine period in China under Mao's rule. Since the rice crops were growing slowly (or rather, naturally), the farmers pulled them up whenever officials drove by to take a look at how their crops were doing.

Eventually, all the pulled crops died and the farmers who did that starved to death.

Each event and the karma that follows it will bear fruit in due time. Let nature takes its own course, don't rush and eventually, before you know it, the karma would have already born fruit.
maybe because "the gods help those who help themselves" and since karma (the way i understand it) is a balancing of energy it won't act at all unless you acted first ... since its a cosmic thing you can't expect the universe to react in norms and standards of human lifetimes ofcourse.

I wouldnt rely on karma too much to get even, its very true the fysical nature of reality tends towards balance

equilibrium, there's a few other nifty words one could use on the subject, "all things go to the one" (as all things come from the one) its like a mystical explanation of the big bang, the expanding universe and who knows (when it inhales again maybe the contracting universe)

For a moment consider the nature of "divinity" or divine entities, what is "a god" ?

A god would be creature of divine magnitude, something SO huge it would need the equivalent of an electron microscope to even realize we exist (us microbes) , just like you would need a microscope to find out the desk and keyboard you're sitting at is full of life ... its always been there, but you never noticed, you KNOW it since someone once used that microscope and saw it, and you believe it because they are reliable sources of information but if they didnt, you would never know about the microcosmos at your fingertips until you saw for yourself.

Project that upwards to divine magnitude, it would take quite some effort for a microbe to be noticed.

So maybe for karma to kick in you need to make some serious waves ... reality has wavenature after all, up and down across the sinoid, if it didnt do that everything would be dead, still and stale ...

a magical philosophical answer to a mystical question since nobody will know for sure

perception is reality , if YOU believe in karma then its real for you since it is part of existence, that doesnt mean somebody else will, and there's no way to prove or disprove wether it exists or not

the only thing one can know by observation is the universes drive for equilibrium ... something that (metafysisc lol) might actually make this existence the only perpetuum mobile (on a cosmic scale) as entropy drives things outward , and equilibrium pushes back to balance, neutrality and tries to stand still, for that moment of peace but once it gets there, all directions shift and it gets pushed outward again

there i go again, i was just gonna say karma doesnt act , it re-acts :p

newton in the metaverse, at your service :p

Have you considered that there is no Karma at all? Powerful people are capable of getting away with all kinds of nasty things. The notion of Karma has been invented to bolster the social order and keep the masses peaceful. There is, of course, some truth in the notion of Karma because there is some tendency to reap what you sow in the world of humans. But a lot depends on your place in the pecking order.

People thinks that karma is a reward or punishment we get after we do something, karma is basically a way of lifestyle and living , if you do something wrong with someone like your acts but the chakra takes time to go 360 degree,everything that you did will come back to you but it takes time.
No one knows what a karma comes in, whether the received reply is exactly the same as the one done or different. But surely the karma is always more, if it hurts then you will be rewarded with more painful things.

Vice versa if good then you will get better baladan. Therefore be careful in acting do not like nyakitin others, let you not hurt.