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What is the major purpose of steemfest?

The SteemFest is actually an event where people that make use of the Steemit platform do usually come together to actually learn alot from each other and also to actually broaden their networks...

Steem is actually a cryptocurrency, and also the individuals who actually use the Steemit platform could also earn some steem as they begin to publish their blog posts, their videos, and also some other creative contents But, also Steemit is really so much more than the standard blogging platform....


The purpose of Steemfest is to gather all Steemit users from all over the world and discuss the next measures to be taken to help preach the adoption of steem globally.

It is also an avenue for Steem lovers to unite and also learn a few things from the festival. Aside users, so many experts also attend the impacting festival. Several developers, steemit witnesses, content creators from all over the world also attend.

Steemfest is a festival that no steem user will want to stay back from.


Get to know each other. Putting faces behind the Steem usernames.