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If a girl asks a guy out on a date, who's supposed to pay?
I had a contention with a companion on this issue and I feel that on the off chance that the person isn't willing to pay, the young lady should pay or they split the bill, all things considered, he didn't request the date, she did. What do you think?

Well traditionally a man is supposed to ask a woman out on a date and as such he's the person that's supposed to pay when he does that. If we're still standing on tradition, then whoever asks the other person out on a date should be the person that pays, it's that simple of you ask me.

Now imagine if as a guy a girl asks you out on a date and she tells you to meet her at a fancy restaurant where the food is extremely expensive, and you can't afford it but she expects you to pay, what are you going to do? The truth is that guys will only ask a girl out on a date when they have a venue that's just right with their pockets, it's not fair to ask a man out on a date and expect him to pay especially when it may be inconveniencing financially.

I mean look at it this way, if I'm standing on my own and I'm just minding my business and someone comes and asks me out on a date and I agree, there's no reason why I should pay. I didn't want to go out, you're the one who requested my presence at a said place, date and time, so why should I pay, to me the girl is supposed to pay but if the guy wants to be generous they could split the bill.

Looking at it from another less liberal minded angle, I guess seeing as the man agreed to go on the date and in most traditional cases the guy pays then I guess he should pay. He had a choice to say yes or no and he said yes so on that premise he should be the one that pays. Either way, depending on the argument it could be the guy or the girl that should pay, but I'm leaning towards having the woman pay, she initiated it and as such she should be ready to bear the cost.

I hope this helps.


I believe that the one who asked someone out should pay for the bill, be it the woman or man who asked. It's common sense, I think. It would be a bit shameful to ask someone out, but you let them pay... X_X Well, this is unless they came to an agreement on who's to pay.

Some may say, "Let's eat out, my treat." but then, the other party might answer "Sure, but let's split the bill." OR  "Really? Thanks!" OR "What? Let me treat you instead." It really depends on the person.

When I go out with someone to eat, we either split the bill or they pay for me. Mostly, others ask me out, rarely the other way around. (I'm a girl, btw.) However, being treated to a meal all the time isn't really good for me. I mean, I'm also earning and have my money. So when they insist to pay the bill for me, I invite them to coffee or the like and pay for both of us.

In terms of friends, it's either we split the bill or the one who earns more pays more. hahaha..


In most cases, I would say the guy should pay for it ~ be a gentleman :)

But nowadays, I think it's already acceptable for friends going to a date to split the bill. Especially if both of them are earning. We're living in a generation where we are becoming diversified e.g. working wife & house husband.


"who actually pays the piper calls the tune"...

Well if a lady actually asked someone or a guy on a date then she should be the one to be responsible for the bills during the date...but also the man could decide to take up the bills and pay it even when the woman actually wanted to....but that would be based on the decision of the man but the lady ought to be the best person to pay for the date....


The person that did the asking should pay. Though the man can be considerate and agree to split the bill with her. But, the person that did the asking always pays unless they had a prior agreement regarding the payment of the bill.