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Have you invested in other types of assets before crypto? On a scale from 1 to 10 how would you rate your time and effort invested in Steem?

Finally a decent question today. Thank you. You need to think up some more.

Yes I have a little crypto invested and I have my steem account as well.

Every day it seems to get easier as you are growing. If I had to rate my time on steemit it would be a good 7 or an 8. I haven't invested monetary wise but only my time and limited brain power

If I had to grade by stages I would say the first 3 months was a 3 then the next 3 months a 5 and the last 3 a 7.5.

It becomes more enjoyable the longer you are on here and you can see your efforts finally paying off. I am sure by next year I will be at a 9 hopefully.


I've been thinking of buying bitcoin at some point, when it was at $8000 or so. Then all hell broke loose and bitcoin fell to $6000, so my plan fell through. 

Then I registered to Steemit and started to earn Steem. At first I've spent a lot of time reading and learning. It was a lot, everything was new. Then I've spent a lot of time engaging. Lucky me, I had good friends advising me to do so and I'm glad I've listened. That hard work had paid off, 

I cant quantify my time spent on Steemit and Musing. There are days when i can spend more time in here, other days less and there are days when i can barely make a post and engage. 

However I'm trying to use my time wisely and do as much as I can because this is important. I see a future here and now is the time to make the most of it. 


" Have you invested in other types of assets before crypto? "

Yes, i have invested on some stocks, (digital) and land / rent (real).


It would be 8 for my time and effort that i invested in Steem dApps. 


@Acesontop, No, Crypto is my first Financial Economy and in that, I've only holding the Steem and i am Full Time Steemian. And in my opinion in future i will going to think about the Crypto Portfolio too, but not at the moment because i am not an Investor. Have a great time ahead. 🙂