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How much do you trust the news in the crypto space? How much do you think these are affecting the prices of cryptocurrencies?

I am learning to take all of it with a grain of salt.  When I first got into cryptos, I was really excited about the possibilities and all of the hype that was surrounding it in the news.

Now I am still excited about all of the possibilities, but I try to just ignore all of the hype.  There is so much Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) out there coming from people who are upset they missed the train on a certain crypto.  Besides the whales choosing to manipulate the market from time to time, I think the people spreading news about cryptos without being educated on them are the biggest thing holding the market down.

If you see a news story where someone claims to be able to predict what the price of a given crypto is going to be by a certain date, you are just wasting your time reading it.

No one knows what is going to happen.  It is so speculative right now that it is impossible to have any idea where things are going to go.  It is very much like the price of oil.  If a bird poops in some country, it is probably going to impact the price of oil for some reason.

Cryptos seem to be much the same way.  Things that should have very little impact on them are causing them to go up and down.  

Just look at the example from the other day.  The US stock market was going down the other day and everyone was assuming that would make the crypto market go up.  Instead, the crypto market took a dive along with the stock market.  

I wish it were more stable, I wish there was a better way to predict it and know what is going to happen, but sadly there is not.

In short, news absolutely impacts the price of cryptos and I don't really trust any of it.


Always take crypto news with a grain of salt, news are rarely not filled with coin shilling these days, the best thing you can do is inform yourself on any project you are interested, learn the fundamentals and read from as many news sources as possible and even then, formulate your own opinion to prevent being swayed by shill articles hiding as news articles.


There is definitely heavy FUD going on by the big investment companies. We all know they are interested but aren't quite ready.

Just today we heard of Fidelity investments launching a Crypto division.. This company is worth over 7 Trillion in investments and it will grow in value some more now. They are only joining the crypto from early next year.

It is in their interest that Bitcoin and the other coins stay as low as possible for now making their entry point a profitable entry. We all know you buy low and that is what they want.

Every time there is some news we have to look at why and who will benefit. i feel sorry for the likes of us who have invested and are being manipulated waiting for the big companies to come. This is everyone's opportunity to make some money away from big business but it seems they are still blocking the way forward.

Money talks and we know the whole market will go crazy as soon as it arrives. Patience and clear heads are now required for what is coming. looks like the SMT's in March could create a perfect storm for Steem and who knows what the price will do. Double figures, triple figures we will just have to wait.


Well news is something that we need in this Crypto market and most of the ups and down happen in Crypto because of this news.  

Well there are investors who often go for those news and resulting the crash of the market hence doing their loss and the loss of the whole market. While some people does really take the advantage of it and they just make a lot of money buying those valuable coins in the dip and once the market rises they sell with high price again. They just have patience and the skill to work out the things that they do.

Well News are one of the things that could run down or rise the market in an instant.