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When answering questions on musing do you often search for answers on google to ensure the accuracy of your answer or you write whatever you know about the topic?

It really depends on the type of question being asked.

If it's an opinion based question, I try to answer it using my own understanding, my own opinions and/or reactions about it. If the question asks about facts and proofs, I try to comprehend the topic or the main objective, research them on the internet and explain what I have understood. If it something more personal question, I try to make them motivational and straight but honest. Just like this question of yours, I'm giving you direct answers based on my behavior on musing lately. Feel free to scan my answers then. Hope it helps!

But most of the time, I skip unnecessary questions. Questions which are totally common.


Usually I just look and see what other people write, then I copy their answers.  :) I am just kidding.  If I have to put a ton of effort into an answer, I usually just skip the question.  Musing is something I do for enjoyment not as a job like some of the people that post on here.  If it got to be too much work, it wouldn't be fun for me anymore and I wouldn't be doing it.  

I always say that I know a little bit about a lot of things, so I don't mind imparting my knowledge or skills to other people when I easily can.  

If I am unsure of a fact, I will also probably just skip the question. There is plenty of misinformation out there on the Internet already, I don't need to be adding to it.


Yes of course! I only attempt to answer questions that I had experience or expertise in. But still, there is no way I know everything. It is therefore important to verify facts and technical details of my answers with credible reference, eg wikipedia, or official product websites. 

I recently provided an answer for IPv4 and IPv6. I had good knowledge of this topic, but still had to verify my answers with those from Cisco websites, for example. 

However, for other questions that are non technical and involved own experience, these are obviously ungoogleable. Therefore, it is important for musing.io to attract a wide range of users. So that we bring in more experience and expertise, and this platform will have a bright future ahead. 


Personally, I don't. I normally share my opinions and views on a certain topic based on the knowledge and understanding I have on the topic. It is of my sole purpose to express what I know and be able to share it to the community.

While partnering with google to have a more solid and valid answer will be great, I believe it is not a helpful thing to my part. I am participating questions that I know for sure I can answer without relying on the help of google or other search engines.

I mean, my answers here are purely natural. I have never searched something just to provide a valid answer. That comes out on my mind is that thing that I have in my comments as an answer to a question.,


I prefer to answer questions that I already have some knowledge, or insight into. 

I use Google to ensure I use certain vocabulary correctly. 

An example of this use would be something like:

The new implementation of resource credits has proven to create severe limitations to new user's transacting experience.

I might want to check the word implementation if I'm not sure I'm using it correctly (in this case I know I am), and make corrections if necessary. Upon checking use of the word, I might also notice that other changes can be made in a sentence to make it more easily interpreted. An example of this would be:

The new implementation of resource credits has proven to create extreme limitations to new user's transacting experience.

In this case, the word extreme seems more fitting than severe, (to me) so by taking the time to check a word, I am also processing sentence structure, as well as checking spelling, grammar, punctuation, ect, and making changes accordingly, as a means to deliver the best possible experience to the reader that I can conceivably achieve.

Other uses for Google to the dedicated muser may include, but are not limited to:

  • Synonyms/antonyms 
  • Metaphors/analogies 
  • Thesaurus 
  • Spelling
  • Historical Dates verification
  • Recalling memory regarding topics (refresher)
  • Imagery search when applicable

That's pretty much it for me. 

I hope this answer helps. 


I believe those that ask questions on musing want to get opinion from different people, that is why they ask. If they wanted answer from Google they would gone directly there and if everyone drops answer from Google then there would be no need to attempt questions.

I give answers based on my thought and opinion.

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It depends on the topic that the question is about,,there are some topics that i am an expertise in and any

question related to such topic will be answered directly without any form of research or whatsoever but there

are some questions relating to topics that i am not an expert at so because of that i could do some research

about the question and learn more about it so that i can give a well detailed answer to the question and simply

because i want the person asking the question to get a good answer that will be helpful to him or her...no man is an island of knowledge..


Before answering people questions on musing, I am always afraid of sharing wrong answers as it can mislead alot of people.

To avoid misleading alot of people, I always answer questions I am knowledgeable about and I Google search questions I am not very sure of before answering them on musing.

I read and comprehend questions I ask on Google which I later makes it more explicit to the questioner on musing by writing in my own words.

Let try as much as possible to avoid answering questions we don't have knowledge about all in the name of money. I believe in making impact positively in people's lives with my knowledge.


To give credibility to your answers, especially on specialist topics, it's a good idea to link to references (ahem musing, reference links?) where you can get a reliable source of secondary info. Usually the answer is not just popping up in google unless someone is farming Musing (ahem.... yeah, we probably need a good way to figure this out).  And actually, if you are finding answers on google to the same question, it may add value for you to link to it for further reading, because sometimes it's easy for parts of the answer to become lost in translation.

Sometimes people are copying/butchering answers that are unrelated and it's obvious they haven't read the question. That gives me a chuckle sometimes.


I generally just answer questions about topics I know about, or that ask for opinions, and so I generally dont go to Google for extra information as it is not needed.

I think in the future I am going to expand out and try and answer some questions which i have less knowledge about and will need Google for these - this will help me learn new things and be alot of fun.

I think as Musing gets more competitive, it is going to become essential to be able to answer some of the more 'difficult' questions which require research


Well firstly it depends on the question, as often questions on Musing are opinion based as the internet can generally answer most technical or factual questions.

So with regard to opinion based it's all  me.

With the factual ones If i can answer without checking i will, however if the question is quite technical i can often get really into the research. I'm a bit of a research nerd at heart but I also like to help people out and wouldn't want to give them rubbish information


No I do not, and if someone is doing that then he/she should not answer the question at all and I  don't think the platform is meant for this. If I am searching for the answer in google, don't you think the person who has asked the question can do the same then why to waste time and energy.

Here everything is simple and straightforward, you know the answer, then just write it else leave it. And if you have some question you are welcome to ask here and wait for the community to answer.

Thank you and Have a great day.


Depending on the question, I do try to research when necessary. That way, I can answer accurately. If possible, it is advisable to quote or credit the source of your answer.

There are questions though, that only needs your personal opinion. My answers will reflect on my ideas and opinions, thus, researching is not necessary.

Of course, I am selective with the questions that I am going to answer. If a question is something I have no knowledge about, I will skip it. More often, I answer questions that only requires my opinion, or something I can share some motivation.

That's why I began to love musing.io because we can choose questions we are going to answer. We can share opinions, knowledge, and motivate each other.


Both.Sometimes I know the answer but other times I will check the internet. When I check the internet I make sure it is a reputable site and list it as a source in the answer.


I usually try to answer those questions that I have an answer to. If those questions that I feel that I do not know the answer. Usually I won't answer those questions.

90 percent of the time, I will try to answer on my own. I want to challenge my brain to think of the different ways to write an answer to different questions. Yes, this is one question that I constantly think of when I am in Musing. Does the others think of ways to answer genuinely. Or is the answer copied from somewhere. Well, the more I write the more I learn. I also usually

Well, I think I have answered tons of questions in Musing to date. Maybe a few hundred. It's quite fun actually to do something like this. I never knew writing could earn you cash.


Yes, I often check my answers for accuracy by doing a Google search. I do that because it's easy and fast. There's no reason not to do that if I'm even slightly unsure about getting the facts right. Sometimes the answer is based on opinion, interpretation or a conceptual model that cannot be verified in any simple way. In those cases, I don't do any googling.


I tend to only answer questions that I have a fairly solid understanding or personal perspective on my answer. If I have to Google the subject I'm clearly not qualified to speak on the subject.


Why would I need to google for troll replies?

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I just write whatever I know about the topic. Unless it needs to be detailed or specific like a comics character, a movie or whatever. I don't really like to answer as very academically correct. I mean, where's the fun in that? Haha. Unless it's a debatable topic about certain things I am interested to discuss I won't do any deep research on the subject.