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Besides upvotes and answers did you also get some followers from your activity on musing?
I, for example, have followed quite a few people since I started being active around here. Thus I find it a great way to make new friends with people I didn't new existed. So, thanks musing.

I personally have met a couple of people who I have answered a question and the answer helped.

I know this by the replies I got to the answer. More often no reply and I do not know if my answer helped or not, Where i did get a reply I have expanded where I could on a couple of things, and a longer conversation took place and advice I had given was told to me to be of value, 

In one case I have seen the member pimp my name cause of the help given, Another more recent, Just today actually left me a reply saying thank you for the community I informed them of. I personally do not make use of that group, But it is a group I keep on my list for when I come to people that I do not have the information to give them a knowledgeable comment. This would be communities like music or art or writers that I do not have the ability to answer their question fully.

Yes I have gained some friends, If they follow my posts or not I do not know. I do know I have helped a few with my comment to questions. Which is what I aimed to do. 

I was doing this in chat rooms anyway, It was suggested to do the same here on musing.


I have no idea if I have gained any extra followers exclusively from Musing - I have been answering questions on here for about a month, and havent noticed any spike in new followers. I havent actually had to many upvotes on here that weretn from the Musing account! Along with that I have posted a couple of questions,and had no replies which was a bit disheartening, so I have stuck to answering questions, which I am enjoying.

I do notice the same names and faces come up answering questions here, and giving great answers - and some of them I already follow on Steemit. I havent investigated people through Musing as potential people to follow, but now you mention it, it might be a good idea.


To be honest with you, I can't tell. With the way Steemit is built, you can't be sure where your followers come from. I mean, followers can come from other repositories as well. The only way you'd be certain your followers are from Musing is if it's the only place you spend your time around this space.

Someone like myself, who posts in other channels like Sprtshub, it won't be that easy knowing where my followers come from.

Anyways, some followers are bound to come from here. I mean, you provide answers to questions, right? You are providing solution to people's problems. That will definitely attract a following.

In life, people will always follow those who they perceive have the answers to the questions in their heart. People always go where solutions are found.

I wish there could be an upgrade in that regard. Like , let's know where our followers came from. I wonder how that can be implemented though.


Yes,obviously we get followers while we writing answer because when we get upvotes from musing community the answer comes in top of page so they open the content what you have written and they open hour profile and they start following us.

Besides upvotes from musing.io we get followers and also we increase the reputation score on steemit so we are beneficial from all the sides of writing answers. So for full benefit we have to write answer in a good content so the musing gave upvote and we get steem dollars as well as we increase the followers and besides this we increase our reputation score in steemit.

So writing a answer is a activity and for our activity musing gave upvote and the people start following us when they see upvote on the answer.