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Do you think that in 2019 prices in the crypto market will "start melting" again during January-February as they did this year? What would change that if you think otherwise?

We could see a correction to this bear market in January/February, how lasting that correction would be, only time can tell. Any market you see, historically excessive one way journey always leads to a correction and if the same will considered for crypto market, then i think a correction is long due. But I think most of people will take that opportunity to sell it again because for a long time they all are in a trap. Most of the people have bought it at a higher level, so they will be trying to sell it at least to make it break-even. So that correction could be short lived and we may resume the downward trend again after that correction.

Only some major announcement from Govt or any major releases or any excessively positive news can bring the change to this bear market.

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The crypto markets are going to rocket in February. If we look at all the manipulation right now it us all fir one thing. Institutional investors are lining up to purchase.

The 24 th January is important as that us when the Bakkt exchange goes live. This us the equivalent of Wall Street jumping in. There are some very big players who are about to purchase and the markets as we know it will change.

Prices have to rise as the market cap will increase considerably. We don't know how much is being invested but it will be billions.


@Acesontop, I am not sure but in my opinion may be we can see growth in near future because if we observe then Institutional Investors are planning to enter into the Crypto Sphere and i somewhere read that may be the Bitcoin Futures can be launched. So if we see the Institutional Investors then for sure the Crypto Market Cap will expand and inturn we can see the effective growth. Let's hope for the best.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂