Is Steem working fine for everybody after the Hardfork and the HF20 upgrade?

I think everyone still has some form of user experience issues. 

For me, things got a little better from 24 hours ago. My low SP account can conduct transactions on the blockchain again with the "debt forgiveness" patch kicking in and bringing the Resource Credits Mana into the positive meter. I'm still taking it easy on the transactions, though. At least until I can gauge how much RC is consumed with every transaction. That's why I'll be checking my RC mana bar right after posting this answer to see how much it will change. I suggest everyone do that with every transaction (comment, post, upvote, etc) for a few days so we can start learning how different RCs are from bandwidth. 

However, it looks like there will be no quick fix for the Voting Mana. I'll just have to wait four more days to get it back to 100%, or at least three days to get it to a respectable 80%.


Steem itself is working fine after the hardfork, but a lot of users are still having problems.

With the introduction of resource credits and the bug that came with those (major negative starting numbers) the devs introduced a patch ver 20.3 that sped up/essentially zeroe'd out everyones RC as of the time of HF20 implementation.

This is slowly filtering down and more and more users are now able to post and vote. However with VERY low voting power/mana until it recharges.

Patience will overcome, things will normalize in a few days and all will be right again in the Steemverse.


It will take a few days to get back to normal. Voting power has been affected and that has to recharge. Learning all the different changes and what they really mean will be interesting to see. It is still early days and time will tell.


I just saw it mentioned in a Discord channel that Steem appeared to be back up and have been trying to use it a little bit. I don't fully understand the whole "manna" thing, and was a little terrified to see it go from something like 7K to 2K when I made a single vote, looking at Steemworld. Of course, @steemchiller labeled the manna reader a "test" so I know he's looking into it and it might not be totally accurate. 

I also saw another user saw that after only one post, vote and comment his manna was almost out. That made me super concerned as well so now I'm being a little cautious as to how active I am(hopefully this comment goes through, haha). 

Mid writing this comment I checked Steemworld and now my VP is at 20%. Which sucks, but it makes me feel a little better about how low my votes were. I had voted with 100% VP(or so I thought) about a half hour ago and noticed that it didn't bring up the payout at all and got a little concerned. 

I think, like has been said in several announcements which you may or may not have seen, that after a few days everything will be back to normal and (hopefully) better. They plan on using this HF to weed out a lot of spammers and if they are at all successful in that I couldn't be happier.