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Do you think that it would ever be possible for XRP to overtake BTC? What would it need to "drive investors crazy" and attract that much money on it?

Let's hope not.  Ripple is the exact opposite of everything that crypto was created for.  A crypto currency created by the big banks for the big banks... no thank you.  They can keep it and shove it some place special.

If it ever did top Bitcoin I think it would be a loss for all of us.  Even the people holding it because they have effectively given away any power they had over their own finances.  

Bitcoin was created to sit outside of regulation and control. Ripple by nature is opposed to everything that Bitcoin is supposed to be.


Any price for a cryptocurrency is theoretically possible but I seriously doubt ripple will ever even come close to half of bitcoin's price. It's not really even possible to put ripple and bitcoin in the same class. Bitcoin can be mined by anybody who wants to mine it but ripple is only generated by the US Ripple company. In my mind that makes ripple more like an ethereum token generated by a smart contract.

If you are going to invest in ripple you might as well invest in the Ripple company since they have the monopoly over mining ripple and are the ones selling ripple proprietary software to financial institutions.


I just can't see it happening ever. It is a bank coin that is shunned by the community and out of principle people steer clear of it. There are a handful of coins that can out perform Bitcoin and Ripple isn't one of them