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If you could mute users on musing about how many of the usuals would you put on mute? What might be the reasons to do that?

Would you mute me?  Just curious?  I feel like I am on here a lot :)  I don't think I would.  I mean there are some users when I am scrolling through and I say to myself "oh man, that person got another 20% upvote". 

Really though, I shouldn't be complaining.  I should be looking at the answer from that person and seeing what they are doing and how they are doing it.  They are obviously putting out some really good answers that the curators think deserve a reward.

If my answers are not getting the rewards that someone else's are, then I need to step up my game and figure out what I can do to make my answer stand out like theirs does.  

I think that is a good reason for not being able to mute people. It would eliminate the opportunity for growth if you allowed your jealousy and bitterness to guide you.


In general I wouldn't because so far no user who asks too much or answers too much bothers me. In fact every time I answer a question I don't even look closely at who asked it, I just concentrate on the question and the answer.

However, more than wanting to silence those who make spam by answering many questions daily, it would silence those who regularly give empty and often foolish or meaningless answers. Because they just want to take advantage of the platform rather than help its growth. So for me it would be 2-3 users that I have seen that regularly give simple answers that are not relevant.