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How long does it takes for you to usually write your posts? Have you ever wrote any that required hours to be made?

Most of our travel posts require a lot of time to create. Half the time are actually spent looking for photos, touching up, and organizing the for the posts. Writing the actual is actually a pretty quick process, since it is based on our own experience and we are just writing down what we went through.

It really depends on the topic. We used to create posts that contains a few destinations together. These posts can take hours or even days to create. But more recently, we are starting to create post on just a single place, attraction, restaurant, or item. We find that this is more time efficient and consistent for us to keep producing content on a daily basis. 

After practising that method for months, we are seeing a sharp increase of visitorship to our blogs. The next step is to create longer and more content rich articles that will attract new visitors and are more SEO friendly. 

Therefore I don't think there is a rule to specify how much time should be spent on creating posts. I know of many steemians who do 5 minutes freewrite all the time and are gaining followers and earning good rewards too.


It depends on what kind of post I am writing, most of my posts are short and can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour. However, I have written a post that took me almost 8 hours to write over 3 days.

I usually don't spend a lot of time on my posts. Most of the time, I write freewrites, which takes me about 15-30 minutes to finish, and that includes the time I spend doing minor edits, looking for pictures, and publishing the post. Some posts, which are just updates on what I have been up to take about the same amount of time. There are others, which take longer, but never more than 1.5 hours. This is because I want to be more efficient with the way I use my time on the platform.

However, I have written two posts that took me almost 8 hours to write over the course of 3 days. These were entries that I wrote for the @originalworks writjng contest. They both took such a long time because aside from the actual writing, I also had to spend time on research, reading the research, and revising what I wrote. This is probably because I didn't know a lot about the topics. Sadly, I didn't get any of the big prizes, and only received the bonus prize, which was about 2.5 Steem for all the hours I spent. It's ok though, I learned a lot about the blockchain projects featured in the contests, so I'd consider them a win. And as a lesson, I've decided to only join again when the contest topics are ones that I either already know about or really enjoy.


Right now, I have a strict 90 minute policy when writing my blog posts. If I feel the post will exceed that limit, I try to wrap all of it quickly and/or just cut it short. XD

My reasoning for this is actually kind of sad. I have been on this platform for over 8 months now, and while I have been getting constant decent support from my loyal followers, it just seems that I can't get new one's. Whether I publish a quality post or just a selfie of mine, it's just the same amount of upvotes and support that I will be getting, no new ones. (Not complaining btw XD)

To limit my disappoinments to a minimum, I have now started that 90min policy. My post might not be exceptional like before but it still is original and decent of quality. I'm not also that disappointed with the amount of upvotes I am getting.


It takes me anyway from 35 minutes to 3 weeks. 

one of my most successful post https://steemit.com/steemit/@awesomianist/open-letter-to-matttrainer-sorry-to-say-but-this-but-mogul-is-a-scam took me a whole 35 minutes of my lunch hour to write back when i was still working as a drone pilot for my former employer. Well, technically 35 minutes on the post because i spent about 2 hours before listening to a webinar where i got the content. 35 minutes that got me hundreds of Steem in rewards (you heard right, steem, not dollar).

On the flip side, there a wordpress (steempress) post that i've been trying to finish for 3 weeks now. I know i have to post it ASAP though because the thought of that backlog is making me anxious and slows down my workflow. 

I guess it's because i am drafting multiple posts at one time so overall it takes longer time but the consecutive time per post should be hours on average.

Perhaps it's just the way i write and how ideas bounce around in my head. But i've definitely had days when i stare at the editing screen for hours not knowing what words to put in though.


It depends on the content, and whether it takes extra time to research the topic. I generally write about things I have a fair bit of knowledge about, and so they take anywhere from 1/2 an hour to 1 and a half hours. I spend alot of time reading, and listening to podcasts about various topics which I post about and although arent directly related to how long it takes me to write a post, I feel this time is a factor.

Sometimes I write posts about a specific currency, and the I generally read throught the whitepaper, and so that takes a fair bit of time aswell.

I havent written any posts that have taken many, many hours, but I have written a few that have taken a few days, as I have to keep coming back to the idea and making changes


Well usually it depends on the content that I am creating.

But mostly I do really like to limit my posts within an hour if it crosses that limit than another half an hour. 

While, when I go for dtube It depends on the uploading time of my video. Maximum time it takes is less than an hour and by the time it gets uploaded I do finish the body of the post, explaining the things that I want to about the video.

While when explaining sth in detailed  way, It does takes some time and it happened many time that it took me more just an hour to create a post.


I found that the posts that take me time to write are the ones with the weakest upvotes. But the ones that have taken me 15 minutes that I got a sense of flow while I did them got curied and received massive votes. I know guys that have taken 2 days to write a post but they get the same amount of upvotes even if they put out a load of crap in minutes