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What are the best advices that you could give to someone new entering the crypto space, as an investor, and joining Steem as a blogger?

 Advice for a newbie in cryptocurrency market

  • Don’t be over enthusiastic. Crypto market is very volatile so invest with care. Select the right exchange and keep your crpto assets safe by keeping them in the secure wallets. Don’t keep your big crypto assets in exchange wallets. Keep your passwords safe and don’t give hackers any chance to hack your valuable assets. 
  • Only invest the money in cryptos which you can afford to lose. Some people take loan or sell their house to invest in cryptos but this is foolishness. You can lose everything in no time.
  • Invest in only those projects which are well known or have high potential. Never invest in those schemes where technology is hypothetical or impossible to implement. Also, check the veracity of the claims made by the crypto founders or ICO promoters. One should check their website, their social media platforms/forums, their chat room etc. If their website is not updating and they are not responding, doubt should generate in an alert investor’s mind. 
  • Do not invest further, if the price of a crypto has touched the peak or is near the peak. Chances of loss are very high if you hold for long. Also, during the bearish trend panic sell can make you cry. Hodling is the best option when market is crashing. Timing is everything.

Advice for Steemit bloggers

  • Read the FAQ first. Save your password in many places and never lose your password. For posting do not copy-paste content from internet. You may be downvoted immediately. Keep patience, you cannot make your first post to be visible in trending section, unless you use bidbots effectively. 
  • Don’t run after the trending post and whales. You can get nothing from them. Instead of it, try to help fellow planktons and minnow (accounts having very low SP). Understand the terms Voting Power, Voting Value, Steem, STEEM, SBD, Steem Power etc. If you can afford to buy STEEM, just buy and power up immediately. It will give you an edge over others.

(Source of images: Pixabay.com)

  • You should interact with other users as much as possible. For this, one should make comments on useful posts but one should also be careful not to spam or sharing own post link on others’ blog. Do not upvote your own comments if your voting power is not enough to make the comment profitable. Be aware that a post which payout is less than $0.2 is not paid. You can upvote your own posts instead. Also, you should not vote, if your voting power drops below 85%. You should take time to restore it. 
  • Make your posts interactive and appealing. Use markdown and formatting to make your posts more attractive. Don’t use low quality images in your post. If you are adding photos or images from internet, don’t forget to mention the source (as I have done). Also, the copied text should have clear references. 

I think these things can make everyone a successful blogger on Steemit. For more information, one can check my or other steemians’ posts.  


Make sure you at least read through




https://steemit.com/faq.html  !!!

Store your Masterpassword in a save location, preferrable offline !

Never give no one your Masterpassword, use your Active or Posting Key on external Apps.

Do good posts.

Do not more than 4 posts a day.

Maybe invest in some Steem to boost your account from the start.

Upvote your own posts. Never give more than 10 upvotes in 24 hours period until you reached 500 SP and can adjust every upvote manually.

Check your voting power and all your actions on the Steemit Blockchain e.g. on https://steemd.com/@"username".

Search for tags you are interessted in and interact (reply) on posts that you are interested in.

Try to find your niche by using good tags.

Ask people when something seems unclear to you.

Watch peoples wallets, rep and Blockchainactions before you transfer anything to them.

Try out services like @drotto and cleverbot but not in a abusive and exhausting way.

See Steemit as family/community...

Think about using boosters to enhance your growth and to rise the worth and payout of your post (check https://steembottracker.com and check the services, becaus every booster has its own specifications !) - one of the best boosters I know is @minnowbooster.

Please do not abuse boosters to rape the reward pool !

Good Luck & Steem hard :-)


That they should know that there are alot of risks in the cryptocurrency market and that is why they 

need to invest with alot of risk management strategu in place...i will advice them to acquire knowledge about the crytpcurrency business it is the knowledge 

which they have about the cryptocurrency market that will determine how successful they would be as a cryptocurrency trader,i will tell the person to also know that they cannot 100% predict exactly what will 

happen to a cryptocurrency at a certain period of time so the person should not be too confident whenever he is or she is trading on the market...

and my advice to someone that wants to join steemit as a blogger is that the person should majorly focus on creating good contents and how to 

promote the contents,those are the two basic things that could make them to basically earn steem and make money...


I will first of all let the person know that if you want to join steemit as a blogger and you want to register on the official registration on steemit then be willing to be

patient to wait for your account to be approved because account approval can sometimes take up to two weeks or even more,well i personally had to wait for two weeks before my account was approved,,well

according to the information concerning the new hardfork i think it will put a solution to the common delays to account approval on steemit....

i will also advice an investor that wants to invest on the crypto market that he or she should only invest on what

they can afford to loose,,they should not go and invest with all their life savings because when they do that and something happens on the cryptocurrency market and

they loose on their investments then it means such person will become very poor because it was all their life savings they used to invest on cryptocurrency market....


Best consistent in steemit with original content second as investor check the vision of crypto and the tech behind it and how it is effective to our civilization.