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Do you use whaleshares.io? How do you see it after using Steemit for a while and what do you think are its pros and cons against Steemit?

Yes I use whaleshare.io and why it is very similar to steemit, it is an amazing platform that accommodates everyone of its users. Unlike steemit where there is grading according to how much Steem power you have got, there is nothing like that on whaleshare. We are all the same on same reputation.

Unlike steemit where you write your introduction post and get little or nothing from it except it gets noticed by a whale, on whaleshare there is an introduction bot that automatically updates your post. Unlike steemit again where you have to actually reesteem to give someone's post the much needed visibility, on whaleshare.io it is automatic. One someone upshares your post it automatically appears on your blog giving the person the much needed publicity. Upshares are so easy to get and your mana grows really fast.

The cons are steem is still worth more than whalestake and whalestake may never get the publicity that steem has. Again, your payout is 14days unlike steemit that is just 7 days. Although some see it as a good thing because this way your post gets more opportunity to earn more.

Plagiarism is high on whaleshare as there are no steemcleaner or cheater yet to checkmate it unlike steemit.

At the long run they still end up the same because just like whales can be summoned on steemit, so they also can on whaleshare.


Yes I do use it and there have a little bit of similarity.

 Whaleshares uses Whaletoken which will help you on a long run. Whaletoken is a coin on bitshares which you can use to summon upshare(upvote) from whales. This means, when you send the coin to the owner, in return your post gets upvoted. Now comes the juicy part, you don't have to buy this whaletoken. It will be given to you when you partake in contests and when you attend whaleshares discord shows. 


 Steem uses bidbot which you have to pay through steem or SBD before you can use it