Is @cheetah and @steemcleaners automatically triggered when plagiarized content is used on musin-io or we have to tag them in our replies to the users who abuse the system in such way?

Cheetah Robot content detection

If the cheetah detects that the reader makes it possible to find an article in the post that is likely to be somewhere else on the internet. Then immediately the cheetah will notify in the comments to the user account that posted. This comment is intended to be understood by the authors that they must try and avoid copy paste from other sources.

This article also informs the reader through @cheetah's comments that there is a possibility that the post is not the original author, and this includes copy-paste or plagiarism. Even if the sender is the author himself who has posted on the web. And this is recommended to include the source in the post.

Not all cases of plagiarism are detected by the Bot Cheetah, however, users still have to be aware of writing that looks strange and similar to the news that has ever been on the web, and if they find the original source of the article, cheetah encourages other users to write their comments, so that users post is notified that the content is not original. Unless the author gives the source of the post.

The Cheetah Bot work system does not always mark you, meaning when it detects potential sources. because there are some of the same sources and this is imperfectly detected by cheetahs, and do not know whether the author is the same as on the web, and the cheetah also does not mark when events where the source is not accurate. this is expected cheetah Don't hesitate to report the error on the steemitabuse line in steemit.chat. there is nothing wrong with the reader that it is not unique (exclusive) content on Steemit.

What's the blacklist?

This is a place to repeat, violators of narrowing of plagiarism, fraud, spam, or identity theft. This also includes users who try to avoid detection and copy.

Cheetah will comment to warn the reader that the person has been found guilty manually by members of our community who have a good reputation for continuing to be involved in one or more of the above categories. Cheetah can automatically mark you, especially if it is a spammer, so the contents become less visible.


Who is @steemcleaner?

Steemcleaner is a group of Steemian people who care about plagiarism outbreaks, copy paste, spam, fraud, and other forms of abuse that continue on the steemit site. Because of quarrels with individual fights that seem futile and result in revenge in displeasure with an opinion, pollution, harassment, or other problems, Steemcleaner's presence and has created a group account, to stand as a united front in defending Steemit!

Members can choose to reveal that they are users of steemcleaner to the public, but are allowed to try and maintain anonymity (for example for fear of revenge). The group leader is @anyx, but the decisions and changes of each member require the consensus of the majority of current members. You might already know some of the founding members like good-karma and feruz, because they have struggled to continue to plant their nails for months, without any reward.

the goal is that the @steemcleaners group will be a more formal approach (mediator) for battles that have been going on for months. Our group will clarify weekly public case files, and following strict guidelines, Steemit users who have problems with the conditions set by Steemit and Steemcleaner will be closely monitored and monitored through posts and comments, and important decisions will be made by consensus voting. Steemit members who do not follow agreed consensus guidelines risk being expelled from steemit.

Black List

The impact of @steemcleaners reprimand in your post? @steemcleaners has a report list of anyone who has been blacklisted. In the number of times if you enter this list your account can be blacklisted and your payment can be downvote.

Why is a Steemcleaner group account required?

Many abusers have a personal view as to whether certain posts are harassment or not. By having a group account with clear rules and agreed guidelines, and with reward incentives for members to comply with the guidelines, we give incentives to good behavior.

That's the role of @cheetah and @Steemcleaner in steemit, hopefully


cheetah bot is a programed bot on steem blockchain which works by automatically detecting plagiarised content from other websites on the steem blockchain.

This means if you plagiarised a content from some other website and you post it on Steemit, the Bot will detect the posts by sending the link related to what your posts is all about. This implies that those words you made use of will automatically trigger the Bot such that it shows the you the source.

Since musing is built on steem blockchain, there is nothing stopping @cheetah and @steemcleaners to detect the plagiarised content since it is automatically stored on the steem blockchain.

I use to advise people to always stay real when answering questions by avoiding plagiarism. I notice some people copy and paste answers from other websites when answering questions on musing all in the name of making money. I don't think such act should be encouraged on musing because there is high chance musing may contain high spam content because everyone wants to earn.

I Prefer making research about question I can't answer before providing answers on musing to avoid misleading people with false knowledge.

In conclusion, don't be too greedy for the money such that you start plagiarising content just for your own benefit of earning. Cheetah will surely detect your plagiarised works provided you are still on the steem blockchain. There is nothing bad in showing your reference or source after answering questions on musing.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


If I am not mistaken, cheetah only checks contents published as a "blog post". Posts posted as a comment or reply will be skipped by cheetah. (Feel free to correct me if I am wrong on this one though

By default, all answers posted here on Musing are published to the blockchain as a "comment". Which unfortunately means cheetah will not check whether an answer here on Musing is plagiarized or not. The same can not be said for answers posted as a "blog post" though as cheetah's programming will make him check whether the content inside is stolen or not.

If you found an answer that is plagiarized or stolen here on Musing then please report it to SteemCleaners or Musing's Discord server or use this link to anonymously report someone: http://steemcleaners.com/reports/new

If the report is verified to be some sort of abuse, the SteemCleaners might even reward you for reporting it to them depending on the severity and payout of the reported content.