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How do you feel about musing not displaying the reputation score of users in threads on the platform? Does that make us feel "equal" in everbody's eyes?

I think that this is for the best.

The Steem reputation system is broken. Many users now use bid-bots to continually upvote their posts and gain reputation. Some very high reputation accounts (60-70+) have arrived there without contributing to the blockchain. It is no longer a useful metric.

Activities elsewhere on the Steem blockchain should have no influence on the Musing platform. Just because someone writes good crypto posts, or does a great open mic, doesn't mean that they will be a great contributor to Q&A on Musing.

That said, a Musing reputation system would be a nice idea. One that is based on the quality of previous answers on Musing. It could level up each time you produce 20 high-rated questions or answers. This could be an additional incentive to users to produce their best answers and to continue to post with Musing. This would particularly be the case if there were some benefits at each level of the reputation system, or even just some great icon badges! 



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Yes. It makes users feel equal and reputation does not matter in giving your answers.