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Do you have a notes book or a notes app that you use to write down ideas for blogging on Steem? Does it seem useful for you to do that or is it better to be spontaneous?

I generally use a note-taking application. I prefer this because my phone is always on my side and it is easier to arrange. I also make a reminder message to evaluate and apply ideas.

I think taking notes are very important. Because if we do not write things in our minds, we forget a lot. Maybe we will be deprived of anything that could change our future in life or our future in Steemit . For Steemit, I absolutely take note of the strategies in my mind. The same goes for life. I'm studying industrial design department. So the ideas are very important to me. Steemit allows you to make a content inventory to take note of ideas. If you have a goal like sharing one content every day, it will be good to take notes in advance.

I read the book of the owner of a company called Ideo. They always carry a piece of paper and pencil in their wallets. He also had a marker pen in the shower to get an idea right when during the shower . Since I read this book, I have been seeing more of the curiosity to take notes and the great benefit of taking notes.


Yes, and it depends.

I do keep notes for noting down ideas. Nothing fancy though, just a simple default Google Keep app on my phone that is 24/7 by my side. Sometimes when you're on a bus or a plane ideas just come and you have to capture it before it goes away. that's usually where the precursor of my posts are born. Which later gets refined with research and edits to make what i made.

I don't think there is an objective answer to whether being spontaneous is better than researched and edited post.

Some of my more personal posts are done on a whim, i dont think there's research or editing needed when i'm talking about what i feel. However you'd want to get your facts right and your wordings right if you are making an educational post.

What's most important is staying true to yourself though, everyone has their writing style, and when you've written enough content, people will unconsiously pick up on your style and flavor. and that comes from practice after practice..


I use evernote . It's the best note taking app out there. Think it only costs a couple of quid. To answer your other question , I prefer spontaneous but you are not going to have posts like that all the time so you refer to your notes when the spontaneous posts have dried up.  I generally have 1 of each per day. The spontaneous ones get more upvotes


Yes I do have a notebook for steemit. I am not a spontaneous writer. I take my time to develop an idea or an inspiration. My notebook is even filled up and I have gotten another. What I do is this, whenever I am surfing the net and I come across an interesting topic I quickly write it down on the page where I write likely topics to be blogged on.

Also during discussions on various whatsapp group and a particular topic is causing s debate, I write it down so I won't forget so I can develop it another day. Apart from writing down topics, my notebook is for making notes when trading. Those points come in handy when I'm working on the topic helping me with a more detailed work.

I save all my typed works though on my evernote. There I can always have easy access


I used to have a note book which I kept in the car.

I spend a good couple of hours in the car everyday and I use it as my thinking time. If I have any ideas I put it down and then work on it later. Just the thoughts on what could be a post.

Lately though I just sit at the keyboard and just write and nothing is planned. I think it is more real and if you have time you can create a post from your jotted down ideas.

If you are struggling to find things to write on just read some posts and take them in a different direction. You get loads of ideas from comments on other posts and you can expand on some ideas.


Yes. I just grab a pen and paper and write down just the points to be covered in a blog, so that I don't forget anything. I don't keep a separate whole note book or use any app for it. I can even write points in the tiniest bit of paper and it usually goes in the dustbin once the post is done. Here I am an old school. I prefer writing better than typing in phone or else where. Writing is convenient and quick business for me.