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Not once have I seen, recently, tweets saying that Bitcoin will have to dip to $5,000 and then it will start a new bull run, do you buy this theory or do you think that $5,800 was its best price for 2018?

Btc price, getting to the $5000 support level is purely speculative.... At best, the $5000 level is a strong support level, a psychological point and what traders call a very big round number...

The market has a mind of its own and nobody can tell it what to do, where to go, when to go there and how to go there. Market forces does ( demand and supply)

Now from a technical stand point



The picture above is a 4 hour chart of Bitcoin againt the USD and it shows that BTC is in a minor uptrend since August 11th, however the bear has been resisting the upward move at the $6708 resistance level... There is a price squeeze in action with pressure from the minor uptrend line and the resisting resistance at $6708.

A break above, may lead us to $8000 resistance or higher and a break below, may lead us back to the $5700 support or maybe lower.

Nobody can accurately predict the outcome or direction of an trading pair with 100% certainty, however with technical or fundamental analysis or the combination of both a fair degree of proficiency in predicting the outcome of the market may be achieved.


Everyone has invested his money in Bitcoin as well as in crypto so no one will tell that Bitcoin price will goes to $5000 . I had buy a Bitcoin when the price was around $14000 and now I am 3* loss from my base price then also I keep peasant and waiting for the price rise and make some profit and then sell it.

I believe that $ 5800 is a base price for 2018 and so people want to buy they can buy it because from this price Bitcoin will not go down. With the help of previous years chart we see a good price wake up at last months of every year. So bull run is near to us and so we should keep patient and wait for the bull run and make a huge profit we should remove from the market.