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How much trust can you put in your country's media outlets when it comes to spreading objective information through news?

I think news should be factual and absolute and not objective if I'm honest. 

In the UK we have the BBC which shows signs of slight left wing tendencies but overall I trust their  generally unbiased reporting as fact. 

Media outlets can only tell so much of a story but it is an individuals responsibility to then go away and check up on the evidence presented and then use their personal opinion on what they actually know to form a decision on the issue being reported.

I have also watched Fox News which is nothing but a right wing mouthpiece for conservative white America and RT which is nothing more than Russian propaganda. Stations like these have no morals or scruples when it comes to editorial content.

The BBC is not perfect by a long shot, but as far as comparing it to many other news outlets worldwide, it is far better than most and is trusted by many around the world due to its multi language content.

As for the newspapers in the UK, I wouldn't give most of them the time of day. They are all unashamedly biased left or right and prefer to push their own political agendas as opposed to factual news reporting.

If you have time, take a read of this which explains why it is so important to check presented 'facts', it is an excellent article.


Hope this helps and it will be interesting to see other answers from different locales!


If I'm being honest, very little trust. As sad as it sounds, Nigeria is famed for its level of corruption and the media isn't immune to it. I find that the news is always twisted to fit somebody's agenda and it's always politically motivated.

There's always somebody influential in the media who's in the pocket of a wealthy politician somewhere who'll always be willing to adulterate the actual story to favour their own private agenda.

If it's not politically motivated then the story will be twisted in such a way that it will seem appealing to readers, that way they can gather more people to watch their stations or buy their newspapers or read their blogs, it's a never ending cycle of private agendas which eventually ends with the public not actually getting the full story of what's happening.

With everything that I've experienced, I only trust what I see with my own two eyes, not what the media says. Even on talk shows, there's always a clear bias on the part of the hosts, it's not something they try to hide anymore. Frankly it's just sad.


ZERO! I don't trust m countries or any others media outlets because they are deliberately spreading false information based on what their bosses say. Their bosses who get millions in cash from the control system. Media is just a propaganda machine and thus, I haven't turned it on ever since I started finding out about this, somewhere around 5 or 6 years ago.

The more I dig into this subject the worse it is. In the US per say, there are 4 companies owning 96% of the media outlets. I hope you can realize how bad that is and that they have no intentions of spreading objective information. They just want to zombify people out of thinking about what is really going on with the world.  

check out this video for a good laugh at the mainstream media: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PlTDeTrELk


This largely depends on the level of professionalism present in the mass media of a country and the level of technological advancement.

Third World Countries or developing Countries still have crippling media or press compared to first world countries who have the technology to reach the world and have so much invested in the press of their countries.

From the country I'm from, people hardly watch the local television or listen to the local news because they as well international media only portray the negative aspects of the country because of the doctrine of Bad news sells.

The problem highlighted above was one of the reasons the non aligned movement called for a New World Information and Communication Order which suffered big defeat as the United States kicked big time against it on the basis that it would halt the free flow of information and that the Non Aligned Movement leaders want to use it as a disguise to have control of the press.

With the natural death of the NWICO, the imbalance in information flow is still evident as the dichotomy between information has created two classes of Nations, the information super rich and the information abject poor.

The country where I'm from can be regarded as information abject poor owing to the facts that the media is run by profit oriented business men who would gladly sacrifice objectivity at the alter of bias and send out negative information because it sells faster than positive ones.

However, despite the many bad eggs, there are few media houses who stands out when it comes to objectivity and professionalism. These media houses serves as our glimmer of hope that we can get undiluted and unbiased information without interference.

Conclusively, I wouldn't say I can depend on the media of my country for positive information at this point in time but in the near future it might be possible.


I DO NOT trust the media outlets of any country to spread objective information around. Here are the reason as to why:

1. Most media outlets have been provably shown to be owned by one or two large corporations in the country. These media outlets are usually taken over by  a bigger entity one by one. These bigger corporations do this so that they can control the flow of information and gain monopoly over it.

2. They show too many affiliations with a few selected candidates, to be able to remain objective.

3. Journalism has been heavily affected by young pups trying to capture there time in media glory