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What's that hobby of yours that you have since childhood, something that doesn't ages and makes you joy every time you do it?

Oh Lord, I'm going to catch some mickey taking for this but I collect stamps !! I'm a philatelist! there you go, I've said it lol

When I was about 8, a relative bought me a blank Stanley Gibbons stamp album, a packet of stamps and some stamp hinges. These stamps were so beautiful. Photographs and Artwork and said things like 'Magyar Posta' and 'Polski' on them. I had no idea where to stick them in the book. The one stamp I remember particularly was a yellow stamp with a beautiful Leopard on, I'm sure it was 'Polski' or Poland as I later found out.

It wasn't just the stamps, it was thinking about all these countries which I'd only seen in Atlases and maps and which initiated my lifelong fascination with travel.  For the next few years, all my spare money was spent buying stamps to fill my album, and then buying all the new British issues and first day covers. I loved Christmas and Birthdays because I'd eagerly await cards coming to see if there were any new stamps on the envelopes I hadn't got.

Collecting stamps, was and still is a fascinating hobby. These days I collect mainly British Victorian stamps with particular watermarks and colour discrepancies, but still, I always buy some new current stamps for every country I visit which are beautiful mementos. 

Its a very personal and relaxing hobby and I still use old paper catalogues to keep me off the computer and I resist the urge to use spreadsheets to note what I have and what I need. Its peaceful, tranquil and old school and the perfect antidote to this high tech electronic age.

Just me and my incredible miniature works of art :-)


Playing video games! Ok maybe not video anymore, just games. My first game console was the Atari 2600 series. Yes that was a long long time ago. This 8-bit gaming console was my first home gaming entertainment.

After Atari, I continued to play video games from NES, Sega Genesis, Gameboy, Gamegear, Dreamcast, Playstation, Playstation 2 and 3, XboX, etc. Throughout my childhood upto young adulthood, video gaming had always been part of my life.

As a entered teens, I also spent lots of game at the local gaming arcade. After school everyday, we would waste our youth at these centers, spending our lunch money on the games.

Later, LAN and online games started becoming popular, with titles like Counterstrike and Warcraft 3. Thankfully, I didn't spend much time nor money on these. Not really a online gaming person.

Now, after decades of playing video games, I am still obsessed with mobile games. On the iPhone, I still faithfully spend a few hours every week playing and grinding the levels. 

Video games, evolved from home video to mobile phone, will always give me joy every time I play it.


I think that almost *every single one* of my childhood hobbies still exist today. Writing for one; as I am doing it right now! Although, I guess that started up a little later in the childhood years. Drawing also always went hand in hand with writing, as it still does.. although since I developed the ability to be embarrassed the drawings kind of stay tucked away haha. 

But being outside. Like in every manner. That was something I was always huge on as a little kid; climbing trees, going swimming.. just kicking rocks and sticks around. I still do pretty much the same thing but with a little more caution, and occasionally with purpose. For instance, at my temporary home, we have a brook that runs through the backyard. My room mate Mark and I have been going down there this past week and trying to play with the water flow a little bit and make a nice pool. So there is some purpose, yes, but a lot of the joy comes from just standing in the moving water and tossing rocks around. 

My passion for playing with sticks kind of evolved into a gathering firewood type thing. I will go around and bring all the dead wood over to the firepit. If a fallen tree is too large, I cut it by hand and axe; even though we have a sawzall. It's just so much more fun. And then hiking kind of comes with it, too. I can hike and hike and hike for an entire day and even if I get tired, it never gets old to me. 

Music too. I still am a horrible musician. But, just like when I was a kid and would try to drum on the pots and pans; I still have to try to play every instrument I see. The only thing that really holds me back is knowing that my terrible attempts are probably annoying the hell out of everyone around me, haha


Right from when i was very young i have always loved playing football and i was really a good player,,football is a hobby that i am really passionate about,,i am a

defender in the football field because i am very good at defence when playing football...i will never stop football

except when i get very old and can know longer run or jump or play around,but if i am still physically fit then i will continue to play football because it is something

which i love so much....my favourite footballer is lionel messi....