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Have you ever had the feeling that Steem is becoming a "new Facebook"? What would make you consider that?

Used to but not anymore.

While I still have high hopes for Steem, I honestly think it will take a lot of time before we could catch up to even 50% of Facebook's popularity and user retention.

For a decentralized "social media blogging" platform, it seems like not everyone is free to post or publish whatever content they want. One major issue I really see is the "strict policing" of the big players right now on Steem.

There's some iniatitives that tries to deal with the blockchains Spam, Plagiarism and Stolen Contents but it's mostly only oppressing the new users, planktons and minnows. People with big stakes seems to be untouchable from what I can see.

This is one of the many reasons why user-retention is very low on Steem and why I believe that it will not become the next Facebook. A lot of new users just feel so oppressed and intimidated by what they will write. Veterans have such high standard of quality that anything they deem to be "spam" gets downvoted. While the intention is noble and understandable I just really wish people would tone down their standard of what quality is.

We need more users to become the next Facebook and we can't do it if people feel intimidated by what they will post.


I wouldn't refer to steem as the "new Facebook" but rather say the steem platform is definitely becoming more Facebook like.

It is already settling into varous "groups" just as you find on Facebook

With the coming of the Communities, it will become even more Facebook like as you will be able to "subscribe" to groups or pages just like on Facebook

There's already tons of crap products and posts being shilled here, just like on Facebook

Scammers and hackers are prevalent on both platforms

It's very hard to "break-in" as a new user and establish a following, just like on Facebook

Many other parallels exist between steem platform and Facebook as well. But Steem platform will never be the "new Facebook" as mass adoption on a Facebook scale is extremely unlikely to occur due to the crypto connection and how many view that world.


As the popularity of Steem is increasing everyday little by little and the potential that it holds there will come a time when FB will eventually think of other ways keeping its users in its base.

Think about Youtubers they are trying the Steem dapp Dtube and are really enjoying it in here and spreading the news to others.

I have seen many Bloggers are just using Steemit and they are loving as well. As there are options for users to choose from it is becoming easy to attract people from different area, once they get the real deal that is going in here and they get to understand the Steem BLockchain Completely they are adopting it and using for the needs of them.

The idea of users getting rewarded for their contents was something very innovative and the users who are regular in here knows the true meaning of it only they know it because they went through the platform and knows how it is working. The same thing will happen to outsiders they will love it once they get the real deal in Steem Blockchain.

Now to answer the question, there are some flaws but it is becoming more than just Facebook. 


No, I have never had that feeling. Steem is nothing of the kind. Facebook is a centralized social media platform. Steem is a public blockchain, open source, and allows anyone to build apps using it. Steem is the backbone of an entire open ecosystem. It will evolve in ways that are hard for anyone to foresee at this time. I consider it likely that Steem will have thousands of applications, some gone viral, and tens or hundreds of millions of users 5-10 years from now. It's market cap will be in the tens of billions of dollars. But that doesn't make it a new Facebook. Its users will be only vaguely aware of using it. Instead, they will be using Steem apps and the user experience will be app-centric.


Steemit has not yet gotten to the status of becoming the next face back. Though it has the potential, but it would still take some more years for steemit to ever get close to Facebook. Much innovations still needed to be made on the steem blockchain


If it is then we are all going to be millionaires in a decade! Bring it on. 


Steem is a very solid social media platform. I guess we can't say new facebook because it's better than facebook in many ways.

Shares share the user's revenue with the user to create better content. If Steem continues to improve himself, his future will be a good platform.


No, in fact it often seems like Ned is intentionally sabotaging steemit. It also bothers me that he often directs people off of his own platform to have them interact with him on twitter and other social media platforms instead of making steemit a better working platform. 


I had hopes for that at one time but the people in charge of steemit have made it so new users cn not get a foot hold and even if they did there is no chance of earning without substantial buy in using fiat currency and noone is going to do that with the state of the crypto market