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Do you think Satoshi Nakamoto is a person or a group of persons?

It doesnt matter.

The whole idea behind the anonymity of Satoshi Nakamoto is that people ought to focus on the Creation rather than the Creator, the Message rather than the Messenger. All the talk about who and what is this allusive entity draws attention and effort away from the importance of Bitcoin itself as an alternative to the way things work now.

Bitcoin is decentralized, and in many ways it still is despite the controversy and conspiracy that affected it. Decision making in Bitcoin is everyone's responsibility. Satoshi's vision is that with Bitcoin, every user will now have a choice in participating a financial system in that every single person has the authority to affect change. Whether you're a developer, a miner, a node, even a user. How you send your Bitcoin and through which node are all in your control, most people just choose to rescind that freedom in the name of ease and convenience. A reflection to the consumerist society we are now. 

But I know that for many people, the vision lives on. There are people who still codes (yes, codes) their own bitcoin transaction and controls every aspect of it. Because Bitcoin allows that. Having a Bitcoin Wallet is akin to having your own Central Bank right in your pocket. Alot of people don't or can't understand this. And Tbh it's quite sad.

People love to be distracted and eased into things that don't matter. 

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whatever it is its not human (metaforically speaking) ... someone who gives away tek that disrupts the whole planet and has all the big ones walking around like they invented it , for free, then walks away and disappears

there's a book called Bitcoin, the future of money by dominic frisbee which i would highly recommend if you want to go deeper on that. The man did some extensive research, interviewed people who were part of the dark corners in obscure chatrooms and analyzed a lot of data.

Among others theres an actually living , breathing person, who is also quite hard to come by and has a serious weight to his name in the "underground" ,  Amir Taaki ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amir_Taaki ) , not your average hollywood-movie hacker, and a true (h)activist in the real sense of the word, but i doubt you'll get an interview from him by just asking once. Those people really really really value their privacy, there's a whole network sub-society and they dont really give a flying, or a standing one for the mainstream world, 

clearly, as they just gave it away, check out the billions there. They prefer to be left alone and its probably a good idea to do that unless invited because they're pretty save when it comes to the ghost in the machine

It would seem Nakamoto is one person but on the other hand there's different writing styles from "the same person", which ofcourse means nothing since someone at that level of genius who spent a life as a cypherpunk obsessed with privacy would have no trouble at all simulating that.

You should really read the book, mister Frisbee explains it a lot better than i ever could. 

There's one other thing, the original bitcoins 

someone has to have them, or the key to them, or else Nakamoto, who is the only one who could actually have them, has just thrown away the key. Since they're the originals and the first ones and its a blockchain it wouldnt be too hard to spot when they start moving.

It's almost like alien intervention, like the man fell from a hole in the sky and singlehandedly split time to create another timeline, look around

Goldman Sachs, jp Morgan, amazon bezos ... ibm ... saudi arabia ... everyone wants it

Maybe some of them have a headache now, watching it unfold, but if they do i think it's more because all those who they tried to dis-empower, or detach from, or give people an option to detach from, are now picking it up to make it theirs, i doubt they lose sleep over OMG I DONT HAVE THAT BILLION, people like that i think will hardly ever fall out of spending cash when they have a wire with a button attached to it and its not really a lambo-crowd lol

that's probably the most painful, to watch it re-centralize over ETH and EOS (and steem to a certain extent) and to watch wallstreet trample all over it and getting ready to patent, last thing i heard from mister Taaki he was colluding with the notorious Cody Wilson over some new privacy project but i dont follow up on that, i got plenty of stuff to do

dishes and such (oh reaction already, thanks, maybe i should become a pro-muser, alas it wont work like that, it only goes when it goes)


I think Satoshi Nakamoto was a single brilliant programmer. For one thing I would expect that if there were two or more people one of them probably would have talked by now. As the old saying goes, "Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.". Besides that assumption there are other pieces of evidence to support Satoshi Nakamoto only being one person. For example, Stefan Thomas graphed the time stamps of more than 500 of Satoshi Nakamoto's forum posts and hardly any posts were made between 5-11 a.m. GMT. That fits a pattern of only one person posting. A second or third person would have filled in a little bit of that gap by posting on the forum while the other one slept.


We don't know much about him or her. It could be a group of people. But I think Satoshi Nakamoto is a person, 

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In the view of the forums I have visited, they say that satoshi nakamoto is a pseudonym, and he does not really exist, no one has ever known who he is, someone who is full of secrets and mysteriousness.


 I think Satoshi Nakamoto is one of a genius people of computer world. Just like Google's founders, like Facebook's founders, like Amazon.com's founders.