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What do you think that we as Steem users and parts of Steem community can do to make Steem a $10 cryptocurrency? What can we do for Steem to make it "great"?

Good question, and I think 10 dollars is a realistic goal. 

I think, as community members, we need to carry on doing what we are doing. Creating quality content, and voting what we consider to be quality content, while minimizing automation, and maximization incentive for new users.

It's easy to scroll and look for posts that you know you will gain nice curation to cast a vote. This is a poor practice for promoting Steem. Manual curation should be more directed at promoting quality content, and not worrying about passive income. Don't get me wrong, passive income is nice, and there are ways to create it on the blockchain, but it doesn't need to be through full use of your VP.

If Steem users, collectively start asking questions like this, we are heading in the right direction. This is the type of mindset we should all have. In asking others what can be done to help Steem, I ask you to direct that question inward, and ask yourself what you can do for Steem!

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One of the best things we can do is just promote the crap out of it.  If we can get more active users doing things on the blockchain, it will go a long way towards gaining mass adoption. 

If you have a dapp that you use every day and you believe in it then support them and donate to them.  The dapps are the things that are really going to bring new users to the platform.  

Steemmonsters is a great example of that.  It would be interesting to know the number of people that created a Steem account just so they could play Steem monsters.  I have to believe that it isn't just people that already had a Steem account playing.

Sadly, the price of Steem and most other crypto currencies is always going to be tied to Bitcoin.  Until we see some bullish behavior on the part of Bitcoin, things are probably still going to stay the same with Steem for a while. 

When I first joined Steemit, the price was right around $8.  I don't think that was because there were more users.  In fact I think the facts would show that there were far less users then than there are now.  It was the reality that Bitcoin was up around $20,000.00 per unit and so the price of all other cryptos were following.

If we see some kind of run towards the end of this year, I think you will probably seen the price of Steem increase, but I don't think it will because anyone did anything in particular, I think it will just be a result of the markets following a trend.



Turning this into a $10 crypto involves the adoption in many places by appearing spontaneous but really happening over time and having it spread across the globe.  That is the kind of globalization I would like to see more than anything in international trade as far as my native US is concerned, not to knock other countries and their economies or that the government should be heavily involved, but it would ideal to make the trading of such cryptos very easy to do on a regulation basis anyways.


The best thing I can think of is to make sure you're making quality content, and not just spam.  I know, I'm one to talk. The majority of my posts the past couple weeks have been my Vimm streams.  But I'm streaming for a couple hours at a time, playing through Nioh and other games.

But if people were to make content that they poured their soul into, more people would probably be willing to upvote it.  Quality content is quality content, no matter what.


There are a number of constructive things we can do and the $10 is a realistic target for sure. Steem had a high of just over $8 so i see no reason why it can't surpass $10 in the coming bull run that is surely around the next corner.

We as a community should be promoting only good content for the trending page and looking and supporting new users. Our votes are important and the more we self curate the better. using bots to promote content that isn't worthy is not going to help matters.

Most people will look at the trending page and get the wrong impression. Users need to start flagging the abuse and maybe that will bring it to an end. We need to do more as a community and help make Steem as strong as it can be. If we all support each other via voting and curation we will be on the right track to succeed.

Instead of powering down we should all be powering up creating a  shortage of Steem in the markets. Once there is  a shortage we will see Steem start turning and increasing in value.

Power up and grow should be everyone's thought. Now is not the time to sell Steem.