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Now that the 10,000 mark for threads on musing has been passed what do you think it will be on December 31, 2018? What makes you come every day in here and be active?

Well, when I joined musing about 3weeks ago, less that 7000 questions had been asked so in about 21 days, over 3000 questions have been asked. That puts it at about 150 questions asked per day, and that number is increasing everyday, I believe that yesterday alone, over 200 questions were asked, so I imagine that musing will get to the point where at least 500 questions will be asked daily. We have about 3 and a half months left in the year so doing a little mathematics, I surmise that musing will probably be at about at least 50,000 questions asked by December 31st, 2018, give or take a few thousands though.

As for what makes me come back everyday, it can't be anything but the knowledge!!! I've learned so much from musing, even when I'm not answering questions I just love reading through people's answers, there are so many intellectuals here and I'd name a few but that's not the point of this question. I love the fact that I get to share what I know and also crack my brain to answer certain questions. There are questions that I've seen that have made me question the way I think and perceive things and I've seen answers to questions that I didn't even know I needed to ask. Simply put, musing is just wonderful.

As far as how much I like it on a scale of 1-10, I'd say 1000!!!! I love this place!!!!


I think it'll probably reach 100k mark by EOY..

Also expecting lot of development from musing so that more users will migrate from Steemit and other social media.

At the moment I would give 7

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