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What do you think about @thedarkoverlord being censored from Steemit for announcing to make public sensitive information regarding 9/11? Would you do the same if you would be in charge of Steemit?

First of all, there is no censorship on steem. Flagging and censorship are two different things. The articles by thedarklord are still on the steem blockchain and will forever remain here. The only thing is each front end can choose to display what they want. Like steemit has chosen not to display these said articles but they remain on the blockchain. Even steem has its on terms and conditions.

Let this be clear: no one can take down your post on here. The worst that can happen is that the visibility of that post is affected by flagging. At least this is what I know about the steem blockchain.


What we have to understand is that Steemit and Steem are two different things entirely. Steemit is an American based company that happens to be a big shareholding in Steem, the block chain. Steemit has to abide by the laws of America and they did the right thing.

If one wants to they can use many other interfaces of Steem and they will receive no censorship. The article may have been removed by Steemit but one can still see it buy looking on other sites connected to Steem.


They didnt make sensitive information, they confessed to the crime, and made an offer, the stolen, illegal stuffs for sale.

This is forbidden, based on the rules of steemit, because posting any illegal stuff is forbidden.



you can still see all his posts here. The content is there on steem blockchain, and steemit.com may choose to ban it and prevent from display, but other apps may allow. 


No need to make fuss about it, account can be seen through other interfaces and that darkoverlord can also post through it, if he/she/they wants.