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When writing articles on Steemit do you decide the title before actually writing the article or after you wrote it?

When I write on steemit, I like to write from my determine the topic first before writing.

I like to have a clear topic and then develop my points from there. It gives me clear cut directions on where I'm headed.

It depends on what you're writing actually. The only two things I like to write about are fiction and sport.

In writing my Fictional works, I actually have a title already in mind and so just flow from there. It's most times in series so I don't usually think about titles after the very first post. It's like that for most people who serialize their stories on Steemit.

In writing sports content, you actually write facts and so the topic is predetermined. There's no writing and coming back for a topic.

Howver, like I said, it depends on what you are writing about.

Anyways, different strokes for different folks, like they say.


My first step before writing any article is to know about what I want to write. If I am able to understand or know more about what I want to write, I go for a topic that attracts people to the article. The topic chosen will be focused on the article but it will look very attractive.

The fact is the title of your article attracts more people to view your blog. This is why it always advisable to go for an attractive title which will explain what your post is all about.

I sometimes write the title first before writing my article provided I am able to come up with an attractive one. Also, I may decide to ignore topic for some minutes and write my article first, after writing and reading what the article is all about I can now decide a best topic that suits the article.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


I do both. Sometimes I have a topic in mind and a suitable title pops into my head, and in that case I let it drive the direction of the article a bit. Sometimes I find a title that would serve multiple purposes and I may end up with two entirely different posts. The one that jumps to me had the title "The first thirty minutes...", where one was discussing the early curator penalty for voting and the other was some sort of creative writing that touched on the obsession of refreshing a page after the first moments of posting. There are many times where the finished article doesn't match the title as well, and in that case I'll change the title to match. 


When writing on steemit most times I just write. I don't usually know where it's heading to until I am done. I am sure it is same with lots of others. After I am done writing, I read and re-read it over again before deciding a suitable title because sometimes I do have several titles before finally getting a perfect one but there are still few times when I have a title more like an inspirational title and it helps me develop the post.


It depends on the topic you are dealing. My last post was about my life in drawings and I can't think of any other title other than 'my life in drawings' . But sometimes you need to be creative with the title so that it generates curiosity ,confusion towards the readers that lead them to open the post and read it.